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    I am seeking some expertise on researching members of the Southern Rhodesia Womens Aux Service. The information I found so far is very generic and uninformative. Performing some genealogical research on a previously unknown ancestor of mine, I discovered she is buried in a War Grave in Harare, Zimbabwae, a fair distance from her home and family in England.

    Mary Isabelle Rae, b. Apr 1896, d. June 16, 1946 (nee Edwards)

    I accidently stumbled on the UK Commonwealth War Graves, listing her as C/Sgt Rae, Mary Isabel, WA/100, Southern Rhodesia Womens Auxillary Military Service, d. June 16/46. (Even the date threw me off, I dont know if she was a casulty or passed after and received a war grave, I suspect the latter).

    Could someone point me the right direction to locate service records for the SRWAMS? To learn more about their service, roles, ect.

    Thank you.
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