Squadron tactical colours and associated BS381c paints?

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  1. JackGe

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    Has any documentation ever been uncovered that lists specific paints from the British Standards paint chart?
    Unit diaries limit the description to just the primary colours:

    red = senior regiment
    blue = second senior
    yellow = junior

    The closest I've been able to find of anything of such a nature, are instructions for the coloured markings on ordnance:

    ordnance markings 1940-50s.jpg ordnance_markings_1964_106.jpg

    May not mean anything, but it could suggest which colours the army preferred for all things military? So possibly Signal Red no.37, Golden Yellow no.56, and Azure Blue no.4?

  2. Chris C

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    Have you tried searching the Missing Lynx forum? There was just a discussion about the yellow used in one of the markings, with researcher Mike Starmer chipping in.

    I have his books and also the complete Warpaint set and I can check those.

    (wait... Are you a certain poster whose name starts with Jack on that forum? If so, hello!)
  3. JackGe

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    Hi Chris, and yes, and that would be me that had started that thread over at Missing Lynx. Hopping to get more eyes on the question with our friends from across the pond.

    I`m in the middle of putting together artwork to be printed out as a decal sheet for my future projects. That process has sputtered to a halt with the unresolved issue of colours, though I am heavily favouring Signal Red as it does seem to match what is in this photo;


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