Squadron Leader Wladyslaw Rogalski D.F.C. V.C.

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  1. ww2ni

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    I am keen to learn more about this Gentleman.
    Squadron Leader Wladyslaw Rogalski D.F.C. V.C.(Polish) who saw action during the Second World War and survived.

    He died on 30th August 1985 and is buried in Armagh.
    The Polish V.C. I believe is the "Valour Cross"

    Any information would be very much appreciated.


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  2. Blutto

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    A quick Google search on 'Squadron Leader Wladyslaw Rogalski' brings up quite a few interesting links.
  3. ww2ni

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    Having done a Google search there is one site which is regarded by my Anti-Virus as "The Link is Suspicious"
    The second is actually my Facebook Page posting about Rogalski.

    What is it that you have found?
  4. archivist

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    The Polish VC is NOT Valour Cross but Virtuti Militari and your man held this medal which is the highest Polish decoration for bravery. He also had the Polish Cross of Valour and 3 bars and the Polish Air Medal and three bars as well as other medals. He served in 300 and 301 Squadrons and, as you say, survived the war. I have a photograph of him and some other information. What exactly would you like to know as I have many Polish contacts and would be more than happy to help you
  5. Blutto

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    A quick Google search on 'Squadron Leader Wladyslaw Rogalski'
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  6. ww2ni

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    Can you tell me about his background - Where he was from and how he joined the Polish Air Force. Something about his actions with 300 and 301 Squadrons would be great,
    I have only recently became aware of his Grave and was sent the photograph which I have included.

    The intention is to have him recognised for his service.


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