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    The crash site is listed as Pelton Fell - it is not even within 5 miles of that village! It was just outside a village named Black House - a village which has virtually disappeared through demolition and now consists of just a few scattered buildings.
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    Colin Cummings in the book Final Landings gives the following........

    3 September 1948.
    612 Squadron
    Spitfire FR14 TP240

    The pilot who was out of current flying practice and had no instrument rating entered cu-nim cloud whilst flying in formation at 6500 feet. He lost control of the aircraft and it dived steeply into the ground (Near Durham)

    S/L. John Child +
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  3. As this forum is new to me, may I ask why the interest in my uncle? My father showed me the flight log books his brother had in the war for Halifax sorties - I think they are now in my sister's possession. I came across this site via my cousin who is Bill Guilfoyle's granddaughter - her father Jimmy was my godfather. If I can help any more please let me know and I'll do my best.
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    I would check out post #1 - members on here often pick up information or part information then they research to try and fully answer the question as much as possible. Sometimes with luck as in this case, family members come along and help fill in the gaps.
    Most members here have a thirst or hunger for all things related to WW2 but as you can see for the variety of forum titles, we do cover quite a wide expanse of topics.

    Plus the fact it stops me from sleeping all the day :sleepy:

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    I am the person who initiated this thread. It was part of my childhood as one of the aircraft that came down in the area. I have a totally different site related only to 304 Squadron but people kept asking me about local crashes so I set about documenting them. Your uncle's crash was less than half a mile from the house where I was born and less than 100 yards from one of the 304 crashes.

    My objective was simply to record the crash in as much detail as possible.

    I would love to put a mini biography of your uncle on my site but there is so little information available. So, if you can help, I would be very grateful.

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  6. Hello Neville

    I will get in touch with my sister, who is away at the moment. I hope that between us we can find some information about my uncle which wil be of interest to you. I will return to this thread in due course.

  7. Hello Neville

    I have contacted my sister and she does indeed have access to our uncle's complete flying record from start to finish. I am hoping to get my hands on this and I will get in touch again when I do. Please bear with me - it may be a few months off yet.
  9. Hello Neville
    John Child's nephew John Child here again (oddly under the pseudonym of my wife;s name!). I have now obtained some interesting material from my sister re. our uncle. I have both his 'Pilot's Flying Log Books' from 1937-1948, just before he died, also with a number of clippings and photos. Also two journals of RAF Cranwell - Autumn 1938 and Spring 1939. I am sure you will be interested in all this. If you'd like, we can arrange to meet at some time. East Lothian isn't that far from Durham. Let me know if and how you'd like to proceed.

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