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    I am researching this officer for a war memorial project and have managed to gather quite a bit on him but can't find any information on how he lost his life. I believe he was with 86 Squadron and was killed on the 15th of May 1943. According to what I found after a google the sqadron was operating Liberators at Aldergrove at the time of his death
    Would any one know what happened to him and presumably his crew?
    Many thanks John
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    You probably already have this -

    malta | 1942 | 0206 | Flight Archive


    Fit. Lt. D. F. WYKEHAM-MARTIN, R.A.F.V.R.

    This officer's vigilance and alertness have enabled him to sight and attack enemy submarines on four occasions. All these attacks produced promising results; after one attack which Flt. Lt. Wykeham-Martin carried out large air bubbles and oil were observed. This officer has served with great distinction, and he has shown great skill when flying in adverse weather conditions.


    Viewing Page 64 of Issue 35402

    Air Ministry, 2nd January, 1942


    The KING has been graciously pleased to approve the following awards:

    Distinguished Flying Cross

    Flight Lieutenant Dennis Fiennes WYKEHAM-MARTIN (72587), Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
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    1943 | 1923 | Flight Archive

    note cause of death, the incident that caused his injuries may have been some time before his date of death

    DIED OP WOUNDS OR INJURIES RECEIVED IN ACTION.- Sgt, H. B. Little; Act. Sqn. Ldr D. F. Wykeham-Martin, D.F.C.
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    Hello John,

    Regarding the loss of S/L. D F. Wykeham-Martin DFC the following is taken from ' Ours To Hold' RAF Aldergrove At War 1939-1945 - T G. Docherty.

    On 14 May (1943) at 0026 hrs, S/L. D F. Wykeham-Martin DFC took off from Aldergrove One minute later Liberator III FK234/W crashed on take-off. The Liberator came down at Hill Close, Aldergrove killing six of the crew including the captain and seriously injuring two others. Four members of the crew, F/Ss. M F. Burnney, H L. Carter, W C. McGhee and Sgt. J M. Leslie were killed outright. Sgt. J M. Little was recovered from the wreckage with a fractured skull and other injuries from which he later died. S/L. D. Wykeham-Martin, the aircraft captain, was also found alive but unconscious also with a fractured skull and multiple injuries, he survived a further thirty-six hours before he succumbed to his injuries. P/O. S. Neal and F/S. A.Cowan both had extensive injuries, but recovered.


    Liberator III FK234 went to 226 MU for repair but transferred to Short & Harland, Belfast 27 May 1943. the aircraft was Struck off Charge on 21 June 1943.
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    Many many thanks, as comprehensive as I could have hoped for. Have found them all on CWGC now which completes the picture. A sad end for a gallant crew
    Best regards John

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