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    I think it's mostly NZ and Oz, but it's got quite alot of other stuff on there that I thought was worthy of being posted here :)

    Medals; a Category Index

    I would also like some help to try and find a list of NZ MM recipiants in Egypt in WW2... please!

    Thanks in advance,
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    I would also like some help to try and find a list of NZ MM recipiants in Egypt in WW2... please!

    Have you seen Paul's thread here...


    You can search The National Archives for recommendations of honours and awards to British army personnel and those of the dominions.
    Then you can order it all online.
    The National Archives | DocumentsOnline | Refine Browse Criteria

    Did you want to search for anyone in particular?
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    My Great-Uncle, Hughlan 'Tui' Roland Griffiths.
    He fought in Egypt and was awarded the MM for something, has to do with driving a truck, then thay came under fire and he survived, Sorry I cant think of any more, he just passed away, so I am going to phone other relatives to find out more info.

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    Get one of your rellies to get their credit card out & order this.

    The National Archives | DocumentsOnline | Image Details

    Recommendation for Award for Griffiths, Hugh Roland
    Rank: Sapper
    Service No: 38460
    Regiment: 5 New Zealand Field Park Company NZE.
    Award: Military Medal
    WO 373/5

    Looks like he won it in Italy.

    Theatre of Combat or Operation: Italy
    Award: Military Medal
    Date of Announcement in London Gazette:06 April 1944
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    He's also listed on here,

    Honours and Awards | NZETC

    Sapper H. R. Griffiths | NZETC

    December 1943
    A D8 and a D6 were brought on to the San Felice ridge on the night of the 6th in readiness to assist the tanks if required...
    ....while the road on the skyline was the only possible approach route for the tanks and probably the 5 Field Park dozers.

    While the infantry were fighting in the streets of Orsogna, Captain Armstrong was waiting with two dozers behind the rear troop of support armour. The D6 was hit dead centre on the motor and had to be pushed out of the way. Upon the receipt of Hermans' message the D8, operated by Sapper Griffiths,36 was edged past the stationary tanks, accompanied by Captain Armstrong on foot, and began to bulldoze a track into the demolition and out the far side.
    Technically the job was not a difficult one, but it required more than the average amount of nerve on the part of the operator as he was working an unprotected machine in the middle of a fierce conflict—and was perched about six feet above ground while everybody else, excluding his commander, was lying as flat as a pancake behind whatever cover could be found. Griffiths' subsequent MM was well merited, as was Captain Armstrong's MC for ‘gallantry and inspiring leadership’.
    Just as the job was finished the hydraulic hoses on the gear operating the blade were cut by a shell splinter and the machine had to be reversed, with the blade dragging along the road back to the start line, where camp was made for the rest of the night.

    36 Spr H. R. Griffiths, MM; Westport; born Westport, 3 Mar 1917; lorry driver; wounded 29 May 1944.

    [section] | NZETC
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    Jess, I am going to be in the National Archives in London next week and will get you a copy of his MM recommendation.
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    From the report, you had a very brave Great Uncle in the Engineers.

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    Thankyou guys SO much!
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    As promised, his MM citation below. The NA do not have a full set of NZ War Diaries, and I couldn't find one for his unit, so suspect it will be in the NZ Archives?

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