Spitfire (P8665) coming down 4 miles NW of Ruthin on Jan 26th 1944.

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    I apologize if I am on the wrong forum, but can anyone help please.


    Service Number 1858
    Died 26/01/1944
    Aged 26
    Royal Indian Air Force

    Location: Middlesex, United Kingdom
    Number of casualties: 497
    Cemetery/memorial reference: Panel 3

    I am writing on behalf of Llandyrnog & Llangwfan History Society who are writing a book about their village in WW2 and they found out that a plane crashed in 1944, they would like to add the pilot's story, and make sure that he is not forgotten, but we cannot find his death registered locally, nor in neighbouring counties. I have written today to Golder's Green Crematorium, as his body would have had to been transported down to London from Wales, so would ha have been registered there. Any information would be helpful, I'm sure.

    The information below is what the Society have found out up to now:-

    WW2 Aircraft Crash:

    It looks like the crash on 26th January 1944 near Gellifor (just up the road from Llandyrnog) was Spitfire registration P8665. Thanks to one of your links that you sent me, CWGC; I have confirmed the pilot’s name and discovered his burial site. His name was Ikbal Narayan Shiv Puri, aged 26, of the Royal Indian Air Force. His ashes are in Golder’s Green Crematorium, in London. The initial web site where I found the history of the aircraft is an American Site, although the plane and the last pilot were not American; the site gives the history of the aircraft, from its production at Castle Bromwich to the final posting with 61 OTU. Between that period from 1941 to 1944 there a list of squadrons that had the plane on charge; I am assuming that some of these placements were with American squadrons and so the aircraft appeared on the American web site.
    Kindest regards, Mavis Williams
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    Golder’s Green Crematorium is still used for traditional Hindu funerals and at the time would probably have been the only possible location in England and Wales. It might be worth contacting BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir London which would be likely to have been the nearest (only?) Hindu temple and might have a record.
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    Thank you Robert-w and TD so much for your swift replies, I will pass the information on to the Society. Kindest regards, Mavis
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    from my photo collection

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    F/O Shiv Puri's surname is given as Shivpuri by the the Indian Government Royal Indian Air Force database.

    At the time of his death,F/O Shivpuri was on No 12 Course at No 61 OTU,based at RAF Rednal in Shropshire, a dedicated OTU airfield within the structure of No 81 Group Fighter Command.

    Cause of death was attributed to crash from "lost way in bad weather".

    There might be a more exacting report from a RAF Court of Inquiry.
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    Ikbal N Shivapuri
    in the England & Wales, Civil Registration Death Index, 1916-2007

    Name: Ikbal N Shivapuri
    Death Age: 25
    Birth Date: abt 1919
    Registration Date: Jan 1944
    [Feb 1944]
    [Mar 1944]
    Registration Quarter: Jan-Feb-Mar
    Registration district: Ruthin
    Inferred County: Denbighshire
    Volume: 11b
    Page: 371

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    TD's link gives details of the Spitfire and more details as to cause of loss Indian Air Force Aircraft Data [www.bharat-rakshak.com]
    1858 Flg Off (Plt) Ikbal Narayan Shiv Puri, IAF, 61 OTU (Rednal), aged 26. Control of Spitfire P8665, returning from firing practice at Prestatyn range, disobeyed orders to return via Hawarden, became lost in cloud and crashed at Gellifor (SJ1262), 4m N of Ruthin, Denbighshire, Wales, 26.1.44. Solo hrs 243, hours on type 18.
    He'd learnt to fly on the Hawker Audax
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    I would add that No 81 Group Fighter Command would be the OTU organisation within the main No 12 Fighter Group,which had its HQ at Watnall in Nottinghamshire.

    P 8665,was a Mark 11b Spitfire and was one of those Spitfires who were part of the public subscription scheme to raise money to cover the cost of one aircraft, the target being £5000 per aircraft.This aircraft was named Bingley UDC after the UDC between Bradford and Keighley.

    The 'whip-round' that won the war?
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    Another claim to fame for Bingley....
    1946 Have a Go, a radio quiz show which regularly attracted 20 million listeners was first broadcast from Bingley in early 1946 by Halifax born actor and broadcaster Wilfred Pickles. The idea for the quiz was suggested by BBC Programme Director John Salt, the great grandson of Titus Salt
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    Give him the money Mable
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    Wilfred Pickles's Yorkshire dialect was too much for the BBC early in the war for he was sacked for not "speaking properly"....ended the BBC news with "Good neight"
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    Once again, you exceed yourselves. Thank you so much, I will pass all this on to the Society, and they will I am sure recognise the Forum's help in the book, when it is finished. Regards, Mavis

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