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    I'm new to this forum and am trying to uncover my Grandfather's RAF war record. I posted this over on WW2f.com and someone suggested I try here too.

    He never spoke of his role in the war during his lifetime always insisting he had signed the official secrets act. He didn't even talk to his brother about it, and took his secrets to the grave.

    What he did let slip during his lifetime was that he was at the Battle of the Bulge with the Americans.

    Having received his service records and doing a bit of digging, I now think he was a member of the Special Liaison Units responsible for receiving Ultra intelligence collected at Bletchley from Enigma machines. These units then handed on this intel to commanders in the field.

    I have found reference in one book to 'Secret Limeys' hanging around US units. I'm guessing this was the SLUs

    Does anyone know anything more about these units? How many people were involved? How were they set up? How long were they embedded with units?

    Any help on this would be hugely appreciated.
    Many thanks.

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