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    It is very true what you say Jonathan. I have just finished reading, The War of the Running Dogs. This is about the Malayan Emergency post war and as you say, brought out the best in ordinary Rubber planters and Mining operatives and their families.
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    With the help of forum member Bucklt, here is a photograph of John Mackay's inscription upon Face 23 of the Rangoon Memorial:

    MACKAY J.H., Face 23, Rangoon Memorial, Taukkyan War Cemetery, .jpg
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    This is outstanding, i'm so lucky to have found this group the family will be so pleased to see it.
    Was the rank of captain awarded to him once he was enlisted by z force to go behind enemy lines? Because all the info i have prior to that is "John Henry Mackay of the royal Indian engineers", however, his post death forces record and M.I.D which I downloaded from the national achieves, list him as Captain John Henry Mackay as in the memorial face above. ?

    does anyone know if and how many of the 10 british officer Johnnies survived the war in burma?
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    I can't answer the question of rank for the Z Force officers, but I do know that all officers who took part on the first Chindit expedition in 1943, had an immediate promotion of one rank as they entered Burma. These promotions were generally retained afterwards and they continued forward with them during their war service.
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