Sowjet Radio set instead of old Roman settlements

Discussion in 'Postwar' started by Lindele, Apr 10, 2020.

  1. Lindele

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    according to the German t-online news, back in August last year, archeologists were digging for old Roman settlements in Hambacher Forst, but found in one meter depth a green metal box, locked with silver bolts, more than 10Kilograms in weight.
    Certainly not Roman.
    Inside another smaller box,sealed and also green with a very new radio unit marked R-394KM.

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  2. Harry Ree

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    It's a Russian spy radio kit from the Cold War that for some reason was squirreled away from prying eyes.Standard issue of the Warsaw Pact countries so it is reported and in use until the fall of communism.

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  3. Robert-w

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    However the Strizh version of the R-394KM had no model or serial number plate - this being recorded inside the casing. If the radio found has a visible model number then it isn't an intelligence issue (KGB, Stasi etc) but one for special forces (eg Spetsnaz). This might indicate evidence of an operation in the past that had to be aborted.
  4. ltdan

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    The radio was lettered in english, wrapping was in cyrillc, the radio is dated for 1987
    1km SSE distant was a Pershing QRA position in the Steinheide forest. Pershing storage was at Nörvenich Air Base, 10km distant.
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  5. Robert-w

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    So do you surmise an operation that was called off with the signing of the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty?
  6. ltdan

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    I only know that I don't know anything about that affair
    But I could imagine a certain connection between a soviet long range radio and a US nuclear missile site nearby.
    For me it´s most funny whoever buried it there did it ironically on the remains of a ancient roman mansion
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  7. davidbfpo

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    Don't overlook that some of the stockpiles for the WW2 Auxiliary Units in the UK and those for Project Gladio disappeared from view only to be discovered years later. It wasn't just the Soviets who buried items only for decades later others to find them.
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