South Notts Hussars

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  1. DannyHarrison

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    Dear all,

    Would any of you have or know the location of this units war diaries or possible NA referance No ?.

  2. Jedburgh22

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    I think they formed part of 107 medium Regt RA during WWII
  3. sol

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    107th Regiment RHA (South Notts Hussars Yeomanry):

    WO 169/249 - 1939 Sept.- 1940 Dec
    WO 169/1435 - 1941 Jan.- Oct.
    WO 169/4563 - 1942 Jan.- July

    107th Medium Regiment RA (South Notts Hussars Yeomanry):

    WO 171/1067 - 1944 Mar.- Dec
    WO 171/9169 - 1946 Jan

    Couldn't find war diaries for 1943 and 1945

    150th Regiment RHA (South Notts Hussars Yeomanry):

    WO 166/1465 - 1939 Sept.- 1940 May

    150th Field Regiment RA (South Notts Hussars Yeomanry):

    WO 166/1562 - 1940 June- 1941 Dec.
    WO 166/7042 - 1942 Jan.- Dec.
    WO 166/11297 - 1943 Jan.-Dec.
    WO 171/996 - 1944 Jan.- Dec.

    Couldn't find those for 1945
  4. DannyHarrison

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    Thanks Sol your a legend :)
    Best regards
  5. Ian Harris

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    My father in law served with this regiment until it was disbanded in Dec 1944. He landed D day plus 1 and his notes show it was static quiet a bit of the tome and this site has details of their actions in part.
  6. Sheldrake

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    The handout and battlefield study covered what we could do in a long weekend from Nottingham. There was more to the story.
    150 (SNH) Field were supported 6th Airborne Division from June-August. They had a very busy second half of August.

    There is a regimental history as well Paisley, R G ‘From Normandy to Victory with the South Notts Hussars.’
  7. Ian Harris

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    Thank you and will try and find a copy of the history which was privately published so could be difficult. I see that the IWM have a copy so when next in London will go and see it.
  8. idler

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  9. Ian Harris

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    thanks I found a copy of the 1924 to 17 history but at £170 so a loan copy might be the best. Ian
  10. Ian Harris

    Ian Harris New Member

    Sorry 1924 to 1947
  11. MarkN

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    There is a Pen&Sword book by Peter Hart on the South Notts Hussars in the Western Desert 1940-1942. It's part of the Voices from the Front series so is mainly excerpts of IWM recordings the author has transcribed and meshed together in chronological order.

    I picked it up for 1.99 last week at a 2nd hand bookshop.
  12. davidbfpo

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    Peter Hart, IWM Oral Historian, has another book out 'At Close Range: Life and Death in the Artillery Regiment 1939-45'' he uses fifty veterans recollections; 576 pgs. See:

    See for some photos and links to web chats: At Close Range: Life and Death in an Artillery Regiment at War, 1939-45

    There is a review here (possibly behind a pay wall, if so PM me); Old men remember: reliving the horror of Tobruk | The Spectator
    Two sentences:

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