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    I have a Sony Laptop with 4 USB Ports and several WD My Passport 2TB portable hard drives to back store and back my files up on.

    My problem:

    To transfer files from one HD to another HD I have hAve to copy files from Portable HD 1 to my Laptop Hard Drive and then Copy from my Laptop to Portable HD2. When I plug one hard drive it to any USB it shows up straight away. When I plug the second one in my Laptop doesn't recognise it - It appears to be only finding one HD at any one time. If I unplug HD 1 then HD 2 will show up and work fine.

    Anyone know how I can have both portable HDs visible so I can copy and paste direct from one portable HD to the other ?

    Cheers in advance :)

    Ps Keep it simple - I hate technology :lol:
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    Before I check that could it be that all the USB ports come up as (F:) regardless of what one I use?
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