Sonic Warfare in Normandy

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    have you seen this pic of the White with speakers on top?
    Allied WWII AFV Discussion Group: White Scout Car "Sonics" or Amplifier vans


    This shows a White Scout Modified with low fidelity speakers for use for conventional broadcasting by an Amplifier Unit. The sonic vehicles used for sonic deception purposes had two large, cube shaped stereo speakers mounted on an hydraulic arm in the rear compartment of a White Scout Car. It is these that were used by the deception units in 21 Army Group such as 3 Light Scout Car Company (a cover name for a sonic deception sub-unit within R Force).
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    reviving this thread to let folks know about a TV program which was on the Yesterday channel [UK] a couple of days ago. It covered a US Army unit providing Sonic, Radio and Visual deception in NW Europe with plenty of information on recording, mixing and replaying the sounds and quite a number of photos of the vehicles used. It is available to view online for another 4 days here
    I will stress that the documentary only concerns this US unit and makes no reference to UK sonic deception but is well worth watching.
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    At the Plymouth Armed Forces weekend, just ended, I met a National Service veteran called Bill Brown who between 1950 and 1952 served with 60th Special Engineer Squadron, Visual and Sonic Troop in Germany.

    Bill advised me that their troop had 4 x WSC fitted with the Sonic kit and 1 x WSC used as a command vehicle.

    The Sonic kit comprised a 32mm Cinema Projection system which ran the sound tape only, this linked to a bank of amplifiers and then onwards to the speakers. The speakers were mounted in a rectangular box, the box raised on a hydraulic arm, which lifted it above the WSC, once in position, the box could be rotated. The system had an audible range of approx. 4 miles.

    The vehicle also had an Onan generator mounted in the rear to power the system.

    The rest of the troop were engaged deploying rubber tanks, trucks, jeeps and aircraft

    Photo of his WSC attached - the object low rear of the vehicle is the exhaust for the Onan generator


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    The White scout car in the British Pathe still above is 14 Amplifier Unit. It had a very different role - convincing enemy troops to surrender and broadcasting instructions to the civilian population - to the deception role of the Sonics.


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    That's the first time I've seen a White scout car or half track 'in theater' that still had its canvas cover.

    Lots of pictures of them on in factory lots, on trains and ships and at depots but never in the field.

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