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Discussion in 'WW2 Militaria' started by Royalsoldier78, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. Royalsoldier78

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    I'm researching about Commandos and Germans units in the battle of Salerno; somebody can explain me what happened on 17th and 18th September 1943?
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Please don't take this the wrong way as forum members can help you but have you not done any further research yourself?

    If you tell us what you know already it will save members time and energy.

    Steve Y
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  3. Royalsoldier78

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    Hi Steve
    I did some researches because a distant relative fought in Salerno as commando, he told me that he was on The Pimple and another hill called "41st Commando " in September-October 1943. I know that he was with Jack Churchill commando (No.2) and I ask if somebody have a map, a order of battle (both sides) or a report about the fighting in 17th-18th September (I searched on Google but there aren't notes after 16th September attack. My relative told me that he fought with Waffen SS units and Goering Division on Pigolette hills. I am curious to know if Germans wore camouflage jackets at Solerno and where SS soldiers fought. On axishistory forum they wrote that there weren't SS but I am sure first my relative was a witness and second Hugh Pond wrote that there were SS on the "Sanatorium" (I don't know where is it). Does exist photos of SS or Camo uniforms at Salerno and somebody have a reportage on 17-18th September 1943?

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    The sanatorium was, and still is, on Hospital Hill just to the north of Salerno itself at the entrance to the San Severino Pass.

    I am a tour guide for Salerno and have a lot of information about the Commando attack on Piegollele - this is the actual name of the village.

    Start up a conversation with me and include your email address and will happily send you what maps and briefing notes that I have.


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    Hi John, I'm researching about Salerno too. But I also see german point of view. Sorry but there weren't SS in Salerno campaign (in all Province, perhaps only SS unit was in Naples, the 3rd bn of 12th Ornungspolizei). I read about Gestapo in "Coperchia" near hil 270 but i don't know about this unit. i haven't something to help you. Frank have many things so you can ask him about units or maps ecc.
    Many Regards Matteo

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