Some illustrations by GH Davis & by Bryan de Grineau

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    George Horace Davis Paintings for Sale | George Horace Davis Art Value Price Guide
    Bryan de Grineau | artnet

    From Illustrated London News

    British Tanks: No. 1 Infantry (Heavy) Tank Mark IIA

    Heavy Tanks in Action: An Explanatory Drawing of “Matilda” and some of her Sisters
    Armoured fighting vehicles are playing an ever-increasing part in the war, and may be roughly divided into two classes: armoured cars running on pneumatic-tyres wheels, troop-carriers, lorries, and, in the second section, the tracked vehicles, including tanks of all types, Bren-gun carriers, and so forth. With the help and co-operation of the War Department, our special artist has been enabled to show the layout and interior mechanism of modern British tanks, though, for obvious reasons, certain of the latest developments cannot be shown in these diagrammatic drawings. The navy tank illustrated above, used to go forward with the infantry, is not so speedy a vehicle as the “light” and “cruiser” types, but is very heavily armoured against machine-guns, anti-tank guns and artillery. Affectionately known in the Service as “Matilda”, it weighs twenty-five tons, is driven by two Diesel motors and, unlike the smaller tanks, has a self-changing gear-box. Its crew consists of four men: the commander - usually of commissioned rank - the gunner, the loader, who also operates the wireless equipment, and the driver, who sits in his little steel-walled pen, separated from the other members of the crew, and steers the machine by means of two track-controlling levers. Owing to the noise and clatter of the tank as it thuds its inexorable way over rough ground, and the din of cable, commands are given by telephone, and all tanks are in touch with each other by wireless. Though an English invention, the Germans developed the tank for modern tactics, but our own models are to-day second to none.

    Illustrated London News 19 April 1941, Brit No 1.jpg

    British Tanks: No. 2 Cruiser (Medium) Tank Mark IVA
    Illustrated London News 26 April 1941, Brit No 2.jpg

    British Tanks: No. 3 Light Tank Mark VIB
    Illustrated London News 03 May 1941 Brit No. 3.jpg

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    From Illustrated London News

    The Four Principal Types of German Tank: Heavy and Light Mechanical Cavalry
    Illustrated London News 01 June 1940-2.jpg

    Tank and Anti-Tank Guns: A Comparison of Shells, Guns, and Armoury of the Allies and Axis Powers
    Illustrated London News 04 July 1942.jpg

    British and American Fighting Vehicles: Some of the Wheel and Track Vehicles in the Front Line
    Illustrated London News 17 January 1942.jpg

    Mechanised Warfare on Land: The Tanks go into action
    Illustrated London News 07 February 1942.jpg

    Panzer Types: German and Italian Tanks opposing ours in Libya
    Illustrated London News 06 December 1941.jpg

    Night Defence: A Zebra or Laager - Old Words with new meanings
    Illustrated London News 06 December 1941, 1.jpg

    Warfare on Wheels: Mechanised and Mobile Units of the Modern British Army
    Illustrated London News 21 February 1942.jpg

    Money and Munitions: An Illustrated Armament Catalogue
    Illustrated London News 22 March 1941, 2.jpg

    Finns v. Russian Tanks: Bombing from Pits under the Snow
    Illustrated London News 06 January 1940.jpg

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    From Illustrated London News

    When Oil Fails: Stranded German Tanks as Fortified Posts
    Illustrated London News 06 September 1941.jpg

    The Sharp Point of a Spearhead: British Armour and Airborne Troops piercing the Defences of a Village
    Illustrated London News 21 April 1945.jpg

    Tank Warfare in the Battle of Libya: Manoeuvring for Position
    Illustrated London News 11 January 1941.jpg

    The Interior of a British Infantry Tank Turret of the type used in Libya: An Impression from Behind the Gunner
    Illustrated London News 25 January 1941.jpg

    Fast Infantry Tanks as used in the Battle of Sidi Barrani: Armoured Land “Cruisers” Roar into Action
    Illustrated London News 04 January 1941.jpg

    The Mobile Element in the Defence of Britain: A Flying Column of Motor-Cyclists and Armoured Cars.
    Illustrated London News 17 August 1940, 2.jpg

    The Tank is not Invincible: Weaknesses show up the Vulnerability of German Panzer Divisions
    Illustrated London News 09 August 1941, 2.jpg

    Libyan Battlefield
    Illustrated London News 06 December 1941-2.jpg

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    From Illustrated London News

    Modern Battle: The Victory of the Roer Triangle by the British 2nd Army - No. 1: The Crossing of the Vloed Beek
    Illustrated London News 17 February 1945.jpg

    Modern Battle: The British Victory of the Roer Triangle - No. 2: The Artificial Moonlight Battle for Montfort
    Illustrated London News 24 February 1945.jpg

    Modern Battle: The British Victory of the Roer Triangle - No. 6: The Cavalry-Commando Charge at Linne
    Illustrated London News 24 February 1945, 2.jpg

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    From Illustrated London News

    A Lancashire Fusiliers V.C.: Fusilier Jefferson, Single-handed, Breaking up an Enemy Tank Attack
    Illustrated London News 22 July 1944.jpg

    The “V.C. Battery” The Epic Stand of 133 Field Battery at Sidi Nsir, who fought to the Last Gun and Man.
    Illustrated London News 26 June 1943.jpg

    One example of the Gallant Acts for which Lt.-Col. R.R. Foote, DSO, has been decorated with the V.C.
    Illustrated London News 23 December 1944, 1.jpg

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    You have to take your hat off to the artist for his imagination and detail in the illustrations.
    Very good.

  7. andy007

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    Those are brilliant dbf, thank you for sharing them!
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    This is excellent stuff. I especially liked the 'Money and Munitions' page. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Jonathan Ball

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    Love that drawing of the crossing of the Vloedbeek. I'll be there in the not too distant future. It's a pretty nondescript bridge on a busy road these days but lots went on there on that day in 1945, including a well earned DCM for Tommy Bradford.

    TB 1.jpg

    TB 2.jpg
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  10. Jonathan Ball

    Jonathan Ball It's a way of life.

    The crossing that was blown at the Vloedbeek which was covered by Bradford's Sherman Flail as the Sappers went to work, then and now.


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