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    WW2 military records show that my daughter-in-law's father, following a wounding, was reclassified Class 1 (d) - what does this mean? Also, is there a list of these classifications, as his changed a few times?
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    Hi hangman

    Could you scan and post (upload a file option) to that we can see the sheet - thanks - sometimes easier when you can see the context of it

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    Thanks - file attached. If you know what CMP (1) and BESC are, that would also be really helpful. I thought CMP might be Corps of Military Police, but there are sometimes numerous options! BESC may be British Employment S? C?

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    CMP is Corps of Military Police - in this instance based at Secunderbad

    BESC - may be something like British Embassy Security Control


    edited to add:
    British Embassy Security Compound? - he was only there a few days prior to going on leave
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    Found a similar entry on next page (attached) - definitely seems to be Brit Employment Sel C?

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    What about British Employment Selection Centre ie the Recruiting Centre for Indians into the Army?
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    Thanks - Looks like that's the answer.
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    Hi hangman,

    Member Alistair (AB64) in a thread points to document entitled "Medical Categories for Other Ranks, 1943" that he put up on Photobucket.

    Medical Classifications by Alistair Taylor

    Without logging in the only way I could download was from the slide show using the right click "Save Image as".

    D is simply described as "Temporarily unfit".

    Regards ...
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