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    Hi there, I am a first time poster so apologies for any mistakes.

    I recently was given an excellent collection of books that belonged to a man who passed away in my home town. They included a vast array of titles regarding the SOE and the Victoria Cross. Annoyingly his memoirs which had been recorded on tape had been thrown out by the house clearers before I could retrieve them.

    The mans name was Lesley Gilman and I am told he was with SOE during the war, had won a VC and survived Dachau. Now I have searched the net and found no mention of him nor any mention of his name in the index of books on the SOE in WW2.

    Does anybody have a clue how I might track him down and discover if he did in fact have such a distinguished war record?

    Thanks in advance. Chris.
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    Welcome Chris,

    The National Archives do not have an SOE personal file for Lesley Gilman but that is not usual. Jed, our resident SOE SME, will no doubt look in and can check his SOE personnel database for you.

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    Hi Chris and welcome.

    No one called Lesley Gilman was awarded a VC during WW2.
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    Hi Chris, the name Gilman is not familiar in the SOE honours and awards list - the only SOE member to win a VC was Anders Lassen and that was won after he had left SOE and was working with the SBS.

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