SOE Operation Felice 1 or Felicity, Tunisia, 28 December 1943

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  1. My father, Captain John Crosthwaite Eyre (Personnel Number 134990), a RE and in SOE, was captured in Tunisia on January 29th 1943, leading a group of saboteurs in a raid to destroy a bridge what was key to the resupply of Rommel. I have is the following account of the operation from the Official History of SOE. The first two of these operations also involved landings from submarines based on Malta. Operation FELICITY (also known as FELICE 1) was an attempt to destroy a vital bridge south of Hammamet on the east coast of Tunisia. The personnel taking part consisted of Captain J Eyre, Lieutenant PM Thomas, four British and six French other ranks. The party, which was in uniform, was to land during the night, attack the bridge and re-embark the same night. The operation took place on the night of 28/29 January 1943 and, although the party was put ashore safely from HM S/m P42 the firing of Very lights shortly afterwards from near the point of landing made it obvious to those watching from seaward that the alarm had been given. The submarine waited as long as it safely could but was forced to withdraw without regaining contact with the party ashore. It was hoped that members would be able to disperse and make their way overland back to the Allied lines, but they were all captured.

    I believe the submarine that would take them there and, it was hoped, bring them back was HMS Unbroken. In general charge was Commander D. H. Fyffe, D.S.C., R.N.R., a submarine veteran of the First World War. Captain J. Crosthwaite Eyre was in charge of the landing-party with Lieutenant P. M. Thomas of the Buffs as his second in command. This operation failed as they were compromised, and a large reception party awaited them on the beach.

    I am researching this Operation and would be grateful for any information that might help me establish what happened.
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    There is this file at TNA; I've no idea if it contains any material relating to the Operation.

    Admiral Submarines: patrol reports of HM Submarines UNBROKEN and UNBENDING. Includes 1... | The National Archives
    Reference: ADM 199/1826
    Admiral Submarines: patrol reports of HM Submarines UNBROKEN and UNBENDING.
    Includes 1 photograph depicting: Crotone Harbour, Gulf of Taranto, Italy (aerial view). Dated 1942.
    Date: 1941 - 1944
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