Small Photo of Japanese Surrender

Discussion in 'Burma & India' started by jeffbubble, Feb 9, 2019.

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    Do you know the location of this particular event Jeff? It doesn't look like the surrender aboard the Missouri. There must have been ceremonies like this performed throughout SE Asia during August/September 1945.
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  4. timuk

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    Think that's it Kevin. Uniforms match those either side of Mountbatten in both photos.

  5. bamboo43

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    Thanks Kevin.
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    Pretty sure its Santosa Island Singapore. Cable Car Trip now. Ken B. Senior Moment House name won't come back sorry. Ken B
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    Looks like Singapore City Hall when cross-referencing to other photos (courtesy of Dr Google) taken at the time. Several tell-tales including what looks like a brief case on one end of the table. There is also a gallery in the room from which this photo could easily have been taken.
  8. jeffbubble

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    was given to me by Burma Star RAF Regiment vet

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