Small Bunker at Rovinj, Croatia.

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    I made an evening excursion to the lovely town of Rovinj, Croatia and took the following photographs of a small coastal bunker situated right at the point of the peninsular, between both harbours, but without a view of both.

    It appears to be too samll for a heavy weapon and I would say it was for observation or heavy Machine gun etc.

    It looked too old for the civil war and I thought perhaps it was a WW2 Italian build.

    If anyone knows any history of this bunker, it would be appreciated.

    I could not find any more military fixtures around the area.


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    Nice images, Tom. Will be interesting to see what this is all about.

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    Secret Army,

    Thanks for the website.

    The area in the extreme east of Italy around Trieste was always changing hands over many years.

    I believe that the Allies thought that Tito had desires on that area and hence the move south by my fathers unit, amongst others, to Trieste.
    It was a similar Policing operation to that of Greece and the force was sent to deal with any threats from the Partisan Army, which was extremely powerful and had for a long time pinned down many German Divisions that were sorely needed elsewhere.

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