Slightly Off-Topic, best place to buy full size MOD approved replica WW2 Medals?

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  1. As the title suggests, I am looking to buy a 1945 Star & a 45 War Medal.

    They were the only medals my Gt. Grandfather were awarded and I was to honour him at my Royal British Legion meetings etc.

    If you know any websites where they are cheap but good quality (and MoD approved) please do reply with their link.

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  3. What I was on about was more an approach where I can get a medal that is good quality but will not cost me hundreds.
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    Why buy replicas? Buy originals there`s plenty unattributed examples on e-bay etc. 1939-45 Star & a 1945 War Medal shouldnt break the bank?

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  6. Really? Actually, now you say I remember speaking to David (one of my school staff members) and he said you can buy a medal for around £10, but the issue I have is I feel it is like it is stolen valour in a wierd way.

    I am comfortable wearing replicas as they are not anyone's medals they were awarded but actual WW2 medals are just.. I feel they are wrong to wear.

    I am wearing these medals for my Gt. Grandfather but the WW2 medals I could buy on Ebay are someone else medals.

    I am a bit wierd like that.

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    I understand your point of view Calder.
  8. I am not crazy, phew.

    I just feel that if I cannot get my Gt. Grandfathers medals, why should I take someone elses Gt. Grandfather's medals?
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    I understand your feelings
    If you do buy from ebay you could look at it with a view that you are celebrating the history because the medals you have bought the family either sold them or passed on in a house clearance.

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  10. True, if they cared they would not sell.

    Thank you, that actually makes alot of sense.

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    Can I ask why you need to buy the medals? Were they not issued to him? Have they been stolen? Have they mysteriously disappeared?

    I'm out of my comfort zone but I understand that, depending on the reason, it is possible to get the medals from the MOD - but only under very restricted circumstances and hence my questions.
  12. When my Gt. Grandfather got his medals late 1950s, he felt he had not earned them considering he was a Prisoner of War for around 3 years.

    He sent his two medals back.

    I wear them to remember him.

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    WW2 medals had to be applied for - they were not issued automatically - so he (or someone acting on his behalf) must have done that. If he then returned them, then there should surely be some sort of record of that at the Army Medal Office (he might have even received a return letter from them? I don't know) which case I would think that a phone call to the Medal Office to explain what has happened would be appropriate. Unlikely that they will have the original medals tucked away waiting for this moment but I would make the call anyway in case it's possible for them to be 'reissued'. Good luck: nothing ventured and all that....and it could be a 'happy ending'?
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    I can confirm that it is possible to get unissued medals at least. My great granddad never bothered to apply for his. I got a British War Medal, 1939-45 Campaign Medal and a Territorial Efficiency Medal after applying for them on my mum’s behalf. The last one was particularly nice as unlike most WW2 medals it came inscribed with his name, rank and serial number engraved on it. I assume the MOD has a stock somewhere or has a company on retainer to strike the occasional replacement - wouldn’t surprise me if they used the same people who make the “official replicas”.
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    Neither my maternal grandfather(who was a pre-war regular with a named Regular Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal and an MBE (Military), nor my father, ever applied for their campaign medals. Both took the view that if the authorities couldn't be bothered to engrave them and issue them automatically as they had done for the preceding generation, then they couldn't be bothered to apply for them. Added to this was a feeling that they'd done their bit and wanted to put it all behind them. Happily, Dad is still with us and when I cajoled him into a Normandy trip a few years ago, the only available option to us, time-wise was to buy issued medals privately. They're un-named with new ribbons and Dad doesn't have a problem with that. He (and I) know what he's entitled to. I really don't think that you should be concerned about using un-named medals which for one reason or another have come onto the market. You would be cherishing them and then perhaps be paying tribute to thousands who no longer have descendants to look after their medals, as well as your Great-Grandfather. With an original medal, you have a small piece of history in your hand.
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    If you don't get any luck with the MOD, you could purchase some miniatures. They are only about £10 each.

    These are approved minature replicas, to be worn with mess dress or a tuxedo/black tie evenings.

    WWI & WWII Miniature Medals - The Mess Dress Ltd

    At least this way you would be wearing an approved replica medal as opposed to a genuine one that might have belonged to someone else

    Hope this helps


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    That is a good call from Gus. This was the route I eventually took in relation to my grandfather's entitlement and is what I wore at this year's Cenotaph march past.
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    I quite like miniatures when worn by relatives; a simple case of 'less is more'. To me, full size ones worn on the right hand side never look quite right.

    We are, of course, all different in how we remember/commemorate/celebrate so, as long as it remains respectful, 'each one to his own'.
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