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    I am currently exploring the history of Slade Camp in Oxford and I am at my wits end.

    What I think I have discovered is that the camp was built as an extension to Cowley Barracks for the Ox and Bucks Light Infantry in 1939, but there is also a suggestion it was an American depot!

    I thought John Howard was there when the Airborne force was first established before moving to Bulford, but have since read that they moved to Bulford from Basingstoke.

    Among others I have searched the IWM, the national archives, the Oxford archives, and the soldiers of oxford museum, but can find nothing. I haven't even found any photographs taken of - or in the camp - during WW 2.

    In short - does anyone know anything or have any information about the Camp

  2. Ramiles

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    Hello Mike,

    I saw some of your posts, I think?, at: ://

    And Google of course has one or two ref's to the Cowley - "Slade Camp" - "Slade Camp" - Google Search

    Including some Oxford Mail articles etc.

    Somewhat confusingly ;) there was also a rather different site at "Slade Farm" - on the other side of Oxford (just north of Kirtlington) - Slade Farm

    "RAF Slade Farm No 1 SLG (Satellite Landing Ground) 1940-46

    The Satellite Landing Ground at Slade Farm was situated about two miles to the north of Kirtlington village, in convenient proximity to the airfields at Upper Heyford and Weston-on-the-Green, and in close proximity to suitable storage areas in and around Kirtlington Park or surrounding farmland.

    No.1 SLG was part of Maintenance Command, and like other Satellite Landing Grounds, it was surrounded by secrecy. It was not shown on aeronautical charts, and hangars and other facilities were heavily-disguised to blend with the surrounding woodland scenery.

    Good luck with your research!

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  3. Mike Dale

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    Thank you Ramilies - the Slade Farm is one of the things that has surprised me. Even though it was surrounded by secrecy there is more about on the internet than there is for Slade Camp!


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