Skorzeny in Egypt.

Discussion in 'Postwar' started by von Poop, May 30, 2015.

  1. von Poop

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    Just wondering if anyone might know of a photo showing Otto Skorzeny while he was operating in Egypt in the early 50s?

    I could well understand why such a thing might not exist, given the slightly shady nature of activities there, just became rather curious.
    Wilhelm Farmbacher, Oskar Munzel & Leopold Gleim listed as part of his team there too. Can't seem to get a fix using any combination of names though.

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  2. brithm

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    Skorzeny was working for Spanish arms company ALFA when he was in Egypt you could try them, they may have an archive.
  3. Smudger Jnr

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    If you Google Otto Skorzeny Egypt 1950's you will get a few hits with photos.

  4. von Poop

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    I'm not convinced by them though, Tom. Most of the suited ones appear to be Spain, and the one at his desk that's made me wonder before, he's possibly too old.

    Brit, good thought, though they seen to have kept their official distance, and with it possible (possible... Not necessarily probable) the whole thing was triggered by the CIA) I can't see a company photographer following 'em about. (Or, to be honest, a modern Spanish arms company welcoming the query ;) ).
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  5. Lindele

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  6. Owen

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  7. Lindele

    Lindele formerly HA96

    Thanks Owen.

  8. steelers708

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    Makes a good story but I'd want more proof than an article in a newspaper before I believed it to be 100% true.
  9. Lindele

    Lindele formerly HA96

    Following the latest news, apparently the Munich district attorney is looking into this case for possible further investigations, as per the Sueddeutsche Zeitung of today.

  10. von Poop

    von Poop Adaministrator Admin

    Strange times, eh.
    The thing about Skorzeny, is that I'm not sure if anybody would be surprised if all of this proved correct. His postwar career as a 'businessman' is certainly a little sketchy.
    Shall be watching this with some interest.
  11. DaveB

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    I don't know if it helps but here is an extract from an Aussie newspaper from that period. No photo of Skorzeny but it provides an alternate spelling of Farmbacher as Fahrmbacher

    It also implies that Skorzeny and the others were not on the same team - going to the Trove page on and typing in Skorzeny / Egypt gives a few hits that may provide some useful background info.


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  12. Lindele

    Lindele formerly HA96


    I do not seem to be able to open this pdf unless I install an additional Adobe Reader Package with 53MB.

    Also, I checked the and typed in Skorzeny / Egypt, but nothing there.

  13. DaveB

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    Not too sure what is going on with your Adobe reader.

    Regarding the NLA, did you follow the instructions in my post? - go to the Trove page on (if you just type the search terms onto the main page of the NLA you will get nothing.

    Go to the Trove page - the link is about half-way down the main page and can be recognised by the use of the word Trove

  14. Lindele

    Lindele formerly HA96

    Thanks DaveB,

    went to the Trove page now.

  15. Lindele

    Lindele formerly HA96

    Some interesting details were published by Stern Magazin last week.
    The article is in German, but the interesting part is some detail about when he was first contacted by Mossad. Following is a rough translation of the important details:

    “The Mossad tracked him down in Spain where he was living with his wife. Mossad send a couple to him, and already on the first night for getting to know each other at his villa ended in a showdown. According to “Haaretz”, Scorzeny pointed a gun at them and said:” I know, Mossad send you and you want to kill me.” The first part was acknowledged by the couple, but about the second part of his statement they said: “If we had intended that, you would be dead already.” Instead they asked for his help and following some hesitation he agreed. He refused to get payed for it though by stating “I have enough money!”
    But why he went for it is unknown. The newspaper speculated, it might have been his fractious love of adventure.”


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