SIS reports on resistance activities in Norway, seeking information

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    I am seeking information about where I can find SIS reports related to resistance activites in Norway during WW2. My grandmother was assisting SIS in activites in Norway and was arrested and sent to Ravensbruck/Buchenwald due to this.

    I have been able to get some SIS reports from the Norwegian archives, but I was hoping that there might be more information available in UK archives. But living in Norway, i have no knowledge of what is available in the UK.

    Specifically, it is the group Koppa in Ă…lesund i am looking for information about. This group was under the lead of Commander Welsh in SIS, and it was exposed by Gestapo in December 1943.

    I would really appreciate any help I can get in finding more information regarding this!

    Best Regards
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    No SIS WWII Operational files have been released in UK
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    thanks for the reply. Is that because it is information that is not open to the public or is there any other reasons for this?
    The reason for asking is that at least some of the SIS reports related to Norway, are open for all in Norway to see. So I have already some of the reports, and where just wondering if there were more to be found in the UK.
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    The only file I could find at TNA searching for SIS and Norway was:

    Reference:WO 106/6100 Description:
    Messages received from and sent to SIS

    Date: 1940 Apr - May

    Not sure if it is of any use to you :(


    edited to add:
    There is also another file on Military Operations (MO) in Norway:

    Reference:WO 106/6109 Description:
    Report by MO1(R) on Norwegian Campaign Feb - June 1940

    Date: 1940

    There are also numerous files in the FO 371 series of files but they will probably not relate to SIS activities.
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    Siw, both the Secret Intelligence Service and Security Service are exempt from releasing their records to the British National Archives and also are not subject to Freedom of Information legislation.

    SIS has not released its historic archives to the public but in recent years the Security Service has elected to release some files. They are in the KV series at TNA.

    However, neither organisation works in isolation and have always been in contact with other departments of the British Government and Foreign nations.
    When intelligence files become part of the archives of other Government departments they sometimes find their way into the public domain at the National Archives. However, the files might have numerous redactions under the provisions of protecting national security in the Public Records Act.

    (Actually FO 371 is a very good place to hunt down SIS documents but it can take a lot of investigative work).

    In the case of SIS records that have been shared with foreign Governments then that is more problematical. It seems there is a reasonably close relationship between the UK and USA over disclosure of documents from each other's intelligence services. For instance TNA withholding files relating to liaison with the US Office of Strategic Services. That kind of close relationship over archival documents perhaps doesn't exist with other Governments. Norway being a case in point where I understand they are various SIS reports from the Second World War that can be publically accessed.

    It even happens with the US Archives, for instance many records of Britain's MI9 were available in the US long before they were released in the UK. Even now certain MI9 records related to organisers of escape lines in Europe haven't been released in the UK but are available in the US.

    When looking at Government records that are available it is always worth looking at distribution lists at the end of documents as a means of tracking down more elusive ones in places you wouldn't expect to find them.

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    Thanks to all of you for helping me trying to solve this riddle!.
    From what I understand, it is not easy to get these reports in the UK :( So I will probably continue to look for them in Norway and hope that I will find some more of them here ;)

    Best regards Siw

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