Sir Clive Gerard "Jock" Liddell, Governor of Gibraltar 1939-41

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    Can anyone tell me if Sir Clive Liddell (1883-1956) had any children, and who their mother was?

    He was the son of Lt.Col John Liddell and Ellen Jane Gerard. He married his first wife (Clare Lambert Roberts) in 1914, and she died in 1917. In 1918 he married Hilda Jessie Bisset Cane, widow of Lt. Maurice Cane. I think he had two children, but I don't know by which wife.

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    I found a small snippet in the Newcastle Journal 18th August 1917 relating to his first wife Clare Lambert Roberts. She died at Newton Abbot, Devon 3Q 1917 age 24. Nothing from the second marriage yet.

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  3. Belville

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    Many thanks, Guy.

    I think that answers the question, because, if they already had a son and daughter, they would have been mentioned in the paper.

    The two children must have been by the second wife.

  4. Tony56

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    First marriage to Clare L Roberts, Q3 1914 Cuckfield, Sussex

    Clare L Liddell died Q3 1917 Newton Abbott age 24
    John Liddell died Q3 1917 Newton Abbott age 0

    I assume this is their first son.

    Second marriage to Hilda J B Cane Q1 1918 St George Hanover Sq, London

    On 7 July 1939 the Liddell family sailed from London to Gibraltar on P&O Steam Navigation Co ‘Strathnaver’, from passenger list:
    Liddell, Clive 56, Army Officer
    Liddell, Hilda 48
    Liddell, Douglas 19
    Cane, Donal 26
    Moir, Guthrie 23, Undergraduate
    Forbes, Peter 24, Army Officer
    O’Gorman, Janie 22, Ladies Maid

    Address for all given as 15 St Mary Abbotts Place, London W8

    Donal Cane died 12 Jan 1954 at West London Hosp Hammersmith age 40, Probate granted to Sir Clive Gerald Liddell, Effects £5,545 7s 1d.

    Can find no birth evidence for Donal, but a Donal Cane appears in Kensington Electoral registers between 1938 and 1952.

    Douglas G Liddell brn Q4 1919 Farnham Surrey mothers name Kennedy.

    Hilda Jessie B Liddell died Q2 1970 Battle, Sussex age 84.

    Hilda Jessie Bisset Kennedy born 31 Dec 1890, bap 4 Mar 1891, Amritsar (Punjab), parents Robert Greig Kennedy (Civil Engineer) & Mabel Sarah..

    Hilda arrived Southampton from Buenos Aires on 28 May 1910, aged 19 on Royal Mail Steam Pkt Co. ship ‘Nile’, from passenger list:
    Robert Greig Kennedy 59
    Mabel Sarah Kennedy 40
    Hilda Bisset Kennedy 19
    Ian Wyse Kennedy 4

    They left Southampton for Buenos Aires on 13 Nov 1908 Royal Mail Steam Pkt Co. ‘Avon’
    Mrs M Kennedy
    Mr RG Kennedy
    Miss Kennedy, infant under 1
    Miss HJB Kennedy

    Slight confusion over Miss Kennedy and/or Ian Wyse Kennedy, could be Jan Wyse Kennedy as I and J can be confused, however:

    Ian Wyse Kennedy died Henley, Oxfordshire, Oct 1996 age 89, brn 2 Jan 1907.

    Ian Wyse Kennedy married Stephanie Tomkins 1937 Jubbulpore, Bengal, both 30 (Army returns, marriages 1935-1940).

    Ian Wyse Kennedy was Major in Leicestershire Regiment and there are a number of POW records for him. Captured 15 Feb 1942, liberated 2 Sept 1945,Thailand.

    An internet search for Hilda Jessie Bisset Kennedy suggests that she was first married to Maurice Cane, presumably the father of Donal.

    Hope this helps but remember that information really needs to be confirmed by birth/marriage certificates etc. Genealogical sites are littered with incorrect family trees where information has not been checked.

    Best of luck.
  5. Belville

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    Many thanks, Tony56,

    Hilda married Maurice Cane in October, 1911. That was in Canada, and Donal Cane was born there.

    They went to Gibraltar in 1939 because Clive Liddell had been apointed Governor and Commander in Chief.

    This makes it almost certain that it was Hilda Cane, née Bisset, who had children with Clive Liddell, which is what I wanted to clarify.
  6. Tim Heath

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    Came across this group of handwritten letters yesterday at our local militaria show. The letters were handwritten by General Sir Clive Liddell to a Mrs Marie Forweiss a French lady who was living in London. The letters date from 1941 to 1943 and although they start of a bit dry as one might expect from a military General as I read through his letters to this lady it became apparent that the two were meeting up for more than just tea! Many of the letters are on official Savoy Hotel stationary and in one part the General writes "it may be very difficult to meet up as planned as my wife arrived in London and she will probably stay around until she buys herself a nice hat or something"! I was quite excited to find this post and would like to learn more. The letters came in a display folder with envelopes, two postcard photos of the General and a telegram from him. Would like to know opinions on these. Thanks Tim.

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  7. Simon1410

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    A long time since you posted this but are you still after the info you asked for! Clive Liddell was my Great Grandfather.
  8. Simon1410

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    A long time since you posted this but I’ve only just discovered it. Clive Liddell was my Great Grandfather. He died before I was born but I heard about him through his son, my Grandad. So the letters, photos etc you came across are of great interest! I didn’t quite understand from your post, did you buy them? If so, Would you consider selling them so they could come back into the family?
    Regards, Simon
  9. Tony56

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    Simon, Tim Heath has not been on the forum since July 2016, I have sent him a private message in the hope that it gets to him, hoping that he hasn't changed contact details in the meantime. That was his one and only post.
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  10. Tim Heath

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    Hello Simon,

    Yes the letters are still here. I bought them at a local militaria show. The letters have envelopes with them and two photo postcards of General Liddell. I had to pay a fair whack for them as the vendor remarked that letters such as these from a General rarely come up for sale. All are written to lady named Marianna Froewiss who was a French national living in London. I couldn't find any information on her so who she was and what became of her I can't say? If you would like to email me my email is
    Thanks again and please feel free to contact me ref the letters.
    Kind Regards, Tim Heath.
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    Reply posted with thanks :) Tim Heath.
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    Hi Tim
    I have sent you an email,

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