Sinking of HMS Hood - 75th Anniversary

Discussion in 'All Anniversaries' started by spidge, May 24, 2016.

  1. spidge

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    The sinking of HMS Hood 75 years on.

    This you tube video shows a lot of HMS Hood in colour.

    Rest in Peace.

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  2. Peter Clare

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    The restored bell from a World War Two battlecruiser is to be unveiled 75 years after the ship was sunk by the Bismarck.
    HMS Hood was hit by a shell from the German battleship in the Denmark Strait on 24 May 1941.
    After a failed attempt to recover the bell from the seabed in 2012, it was eventuallyraised in August 2015.
    The bell is being unveiled at the National Museum of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth on Tuesday.

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  3. norton 407545

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    Hello guys
    This post should really go into a new thread but I can't seem to open a new thread on my phone. So I'm hoping it will still be picked up and answered here. I'm making memorial crosses for all my lost relatives during the 2 world wars to place at my local cenotaph during rememberence Sunday as well as photos of them on it I would like to add their respective forces badges/emblems my great uncle Acting Petty Officer Frederick Farnish died on HMS Hood .
    Could someone tell me which is the most appropriate badge to use for his memorial cross please. A picture would be most helpful is possible. Many thanks in advance for any replies
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  5. Jonathan Ball

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    A timely bump for this fine thread on the 77th Anniversary today and to remember the 1415 men who went down with her. :poppy:

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  6. Drew5233

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    A bad day for the Senior Service - They also lost HMS Antelope in 1982.
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  7. Dave55

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    Here is the raw footage that the guys in Geoff's clip are analyzing


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