Singapore: Kranji War Memorial

Discussion in 'War Grave Photographs' started by englandphil, Dec 25, 2008.

  1. englandphil

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    I stumbled upon this website today and thought id share it with everyone.

    "AnnaBEL™ 16-Nov-2008 22:31Hello everyone, I once again extend my invitation for anyone and everyone to send all their requests for pictures of their relative's grave/memorial to my email address:

    I've just completed two requests and I still see that people simply put their requests here without leaving any form of contact. So go ahead everyone, flood me with your requests!

    P.S. Please include name, and grave reference[eg. 2a,8c] or column number[eg. 1,99] in the email as well as any other details. For column pictures, the name would be sufficient. I apologise if I'm too short to take pictures of those names that are really high up the column. Graves on the other hand are absolutely no problem.

    God Bless

    "They Died For All Free Men" "

    Singapore: Kranji War Memorial Photo Gallery by Peter Chou at
  2. militarycross

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    Thanks Phil

    I have emailed my guy's coordinates. Let you know what happens.
  3. AndyBaldEagle

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    I have recently spoken/contacted a chap in Malysia via the GWF who offered to take some pics in the Kranji cemetery. How spooky is that?

  4. militarycross

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    If the chap can do one more photo,

    Halford, RR who is on column 458. He was 356 Sqn


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