Silent Picket.

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    Can anybody shed any light on this as to the correct name and how old it is? Had it years never occurred to me to try and find out about until today.




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    Can only think its something that held barbed wire up/in place?
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    To me it looks like a barbed wire pole/picket/anchor post as used in wwI (also known as "pig tails"). The bottom of the pole acts like a cork screw to be able to silently and swiftly put the poles in the ground near enemy positions. I think all armies used them, I don't know who introduced them.

    Take a look at the bottom of this page:
    Battle Remains on the WW1 Western Front
    or here:
    photograph of Picket posts


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    Can only think its something that held barbed wire up/in place?

    Should have said I know it is a Silent picket for barb wire I just wounder how old is was really ie if it was ww2 vintage.
  5. wowtank

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    /bump plz
    I would like to know if it was or is the same type used in ww2?
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    I have not seen specific reference to screw (or silent) pickets before 1916. However that could just reflect my lack of seeing many pre-1916 field engineering manuals.

    As posted, they are certainly referred to in manuals from both world wars and were probably in use well after the second. Manufacture seems to have been done by civilian contractors, photos and film of small engineering works mass producing them are fairly common. I have seen a number and all vary in small details (how closed the loops are, how the point is made) whilst being broadly of the same pattern. There was no great difference between those with a First World War provenance to those from the Second.

    Do you know where yours is from?

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    The answer it would appear as to entry into service is given in - The history of the Great War by Brigadier General Sir James Edmonds RE Retd. It is suggested 1915 -have not found an accessible copy on line to confirm that - yet!
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    Thanks every body for the posts:). I have a few of them, they came from a little bit of land I used to own in Suffolk which in near Army and RAF bases used before after and During the war.
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    I've seen these on the inner fence line at Leeming, perhaps they worked so well that the design went unchanged from 1915.
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    Does anyone know where to buy screw pickets ?
    Was wondering where to get them from , thought a couple of them might look nice in the garden.
    Suppose I could pop over to France or Belgium & steal some from a farmer's field.
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