Significance of the Battle of Britain on the Eastern Front

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    I've been wondering about this for a while so I thought I might share a theory of mine.

    In my opinion, Germany could have never won the Battle of Britain. It was a foolish battle and a costly one. According to Wikipedia; Germany has lost 1,887 aircraft and more than 4,000 well trained and experienced pilots.
    So I've been thinking, if the Battle of Britain would have never happened, Germany would have had a much stronger airforce for the eastern front available. There could also have been more advantages such as having more resources available for tank construction rather than to replace the losses caused by the Battle of Britain. It also could have helped the Africa campaign as there was a shortage of aircrafts there.
    I don't know if operation Barbarossa could have started earlier as the events in Greece and Yugoslavia had to be resolved first.

    What do you think the significance could be on the eastern front if the Battle of Britain never happened?
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    No Battle of Britain would also mean a stronger RAF.
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