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  1. Theobob

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    My dad(Granger Martin)and Bill Murrey, Germany April/May 1945
    2nd Forward Observer Corps RA,6th Airborne.(Canadians)
    Both of these men had gotten their Lugers and look so pleased with themselves.
    Buy the way most of my dads unit came back with tons of gear,sadly dad liked a drink so nothing was left.
    have heard storys of kitbags full of Lugers!!!

    Von Poop? looks like you are playing darts LOL!:lol:
  2. Drew5233

    Drew5233 #FuturePilot Patron 1940 Obsessive

    The Original Royal Corps of Signals cap badge.
  3. beeza

    beeza Senior Member

    Mine is my substantive rating badge in the R A N.

  4. Auditman

    Auditman Senior Member

    My Dad, 2777 Squadron RAF Regiment Germany 1946
  5. canuck

    canuck Closed Account

    Mine is of the original "Winnie the Pooh". A Canadian black bear, the mascot of the Winnipeg Rifles and donated to the London Zoo, with fame to follow, before they shipped over to France in WW1.
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  6. Mine is the crest of 423 squadron RCAF.

    The reason is that my grandfather served with this squadron and during this time attacked U-672 and also met my grandmother!!

    Had it not been for the attack on U-672, I would not be here today as my grandfather was given 2 weeks leave after the attack and during this time he met my grandmother while on leave in Belfast at a dance hall.
  7. Recce_Mitch

    Recce_Mitch Very Senior Member

    Mine is the Cap Badge of the Reconnaissance Corps of which my late father was in the 56th.

  8. Rob Dickers

    Rob Dickers 10th MEDIUM REGT RA

    Dad's Medium Regt RA
    5.5 BL Howitzer Medium Gun towed by the AEC Matador 4x4 Artillery Tractor, Normandy 1944.
  9. MyOldDad

    MyOldDad Senior Member

    Mine is "just what it says on the tin" - it's My Old Dad - from a photo captioned on the back: 'Rome' - while, from his service record, he was with 'C.T.C. No.3 Dryshod Training Wing'.??
    As per my first post - 'I am still seeking info!'
  10. blacksnake

    blacksnake As old as I feel.

    Errm .... A sculpture of a 'blacksnake' ....... time for a change me thinks.
  11. Mushin

    Mushin Junior Member

    Mine is an angel of light. I had a friend at school whose Uncle served in France and saw the famous Angels of mons. i use it because my Dad could have used an angle's help, as could so many others.
  12. spidge


    Just noticed I had not put my two penneth in here.

    Read my signature and it tells the story. I was just thinking the other day that next year is the 70th anniversary of dad's 6th Division taking Tobruk on the 22/01/1941. Dad was knocked the previous evening and didn't walk into Tobruk so I would like to do it in his memory.

    He never talked much about it and with my two eldest brothers and Mum passing away in the last three years, I might try and con my older brother into going.

    Temperatures seem quite mild during the day 18-22C

    Anyone been before?


  13. slaphead

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    It's a good job James Cameron isn't a member of the forum as we could be here all night.

    :D Nice one! :D

    As for the Ozzy ref. Pity we aren't allowed streeming media here otherwise I would definately give it a look. Saw him at Leeds Tramshed... er Queens Hall in '89 (I think)
  14. Owen

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    I change my avatar a fair bit, at the moment it's to remind everyone the Britsh war effort was in fact a Commonwealth war effort.

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  15. Deadly Birds

    Deadly Birds Senta a PĂșa!

    My avatar is a "Smoking Cobra", the symbol that the Brazilian soldiers had auto- adopted when had been to fight in Italy. This in special (mine), was created by Walt Disney
  16. tovarisch

    tovarisch Discharged

    Mine has a separate discussion thread in the Eastern Front section :) Probably the most iconic photo of the Soviet Union's Second World War, depicting batallion commander Alexei Yeremenko leading his troops into battle. He was dead a couple of minutes after the photo was taken. Many people recognise the photo, unfortunately, they don't know anything about the man in it or his story.
  17. Ropi

    Ropi Biggest retard of all

    Mine is the pretty well known Pink Panther, it has no particular story, I just like it.:)
  18. slaphead

    slaphead very occasional visitor

    Hopefully my avatar has been uploaded now and shows I am proud of me mum and me dad.
    Leeds City coat of arms because my mum was a supervisor in West Leeds school meals service. She worked her way up from a tatie peeler to running four kitchens.
    And me dad was 1st Btn Gordons Highlander from 1929 to 1955 and still only ended up a private (now that takes dedication!)

    [edit] Aaaargh.. wheres the avatar gone?.... its in me user control panel... I have uploaded it 3 times so far... :(
  19. Owen

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    click Edit Avatar on your user cp not Edit Profile Picture
  20. slaphead

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    Thanks for that Owen :D

    ... There's "thick", theres "really thick" and then ther is me !

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