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  2. Daan

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    Well mine doesn't need that much explanation. First visit of me and my son to the Hartenstein-museum. Great affection for the 17pdr and bigger love for the boy!
  3. Lindsay Aspin

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    The photograph used for my avatar is one of the greatest finds our family could ever have wished for, courtesy of those who work with the Museum of Army Flying.

    Dad died way back in 1964 ..... but here he is, first on the left, standing alongside his GPR comrades, all under the wing of a Horsa Glider!
  4. 4jonboy

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    My dad a 56 Recce

  5. Slipdigit

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    Currently mine is the shoulder insignia of the US 30th Infantry Division, used in honor of a dear friend who served with the division during the war.
  6. Steve Mac

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    50th (Northumbrian) Division.

    The double 'T' represents the River Tyne and the River Tees, and supposedly with a bit of imagination the off-set double 'T' is supposed to look like an 'H' for the River Humber. These rivers are in the 50 Div's historic recruitment area of the pre-1971 Northumberland, Co Durham, North Yorkshire and East Riding of Yorkshire.

    The infantry regiments represented in 50 Div were, again, historically, the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers, Durham Light Infantry, Green Howards and East Yorkshire Regiment. During WWII other regiments were also represented in the Division.

    My family served mainly with 50 Div in both World Wars, two making the ultimate sacrifice.

    I have never been able to see the 'H' for the River Humber, but then again I don't get most modern abstract art... I don't know if that means I have no imagination or good taste! :)


  7. Michael Z

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    Mine's the Plymouth Coat of Arms.
    I'm a Janner, born and bred!
  8. bigmal

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    Mine is because i did 11 years in REME.
  9. BrianM59

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    Mine is my mum and dad getting married in July 1950, about 3 weeks before he was recalled to the army to go to Korea.
  10. jettisoning

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    as a life long advocate of the HALIFAX i chose this photograph

    ironically it was a screen shot from a documentary about the contribution of the AVRO LANCASTER to the strategic bombing campaign ................

    i couldn't miss the mistake that had been made !
  11. JJS

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    Mine is probably self explanatory.....But it's made up of cap badges in remembrance of some of the members of my family that served in those regiments.

    1. The King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment - WW1 - Gt. Uncle, James Johnson Roberts - KIA during the battle of the Somme

    2. The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment - WW1 - Grandfather, William Lowe - Thankfully survived to produce my father!

    3. The Glider Pilot Regiment - WW2 - 2nd Cousin, James Johnson Sharrock - KIA during the battle of Arnhem

    Very proud of them all and actually like all their badges too!
  12. Bradlad

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    Mine is Lancaster NX611 ' Just Jane ' at the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre.

    Kept in running condition as a memorial to Bomber Command and her people, who due to political correctness are only just getting the recognition they deserved.
  13. Ron Goldstein

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  14. woapysittank

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    Mine show's the boy's of Oxford United celebrating their 3-1 win over York City at Wembley. My 29 consecutive years as a season holder have contained much joy and much pain and tribulation. Little beats that sunny afternoon in North London.

    My screen name is obviously a rude spoonerism of a quote by "Rude kid" in Viz. The quote lines from "Basket Case" by Green Day and some days that's just how I feel.

  15. Owen

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    Mine show's the boy's of Oxford United

    Technically that's not an avatar it's a Signature Photo.
  16. woapysittank

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    LOL But I'm so proud I had to mention it!!
  17. TTH

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    And a fine avatar it is, Steve.
  18. Bodston

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    Mine is Bod, with a big cock on his head.
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    If you missed the announcement my avatar is of Elise, my first grandchild, born May 7th, 2012.
  20. RemeDesertRat

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    I have never been able to see the 'H' for the River Humber, but then again I don't get most modern abstract art... I don't know if that means I have no imagination or good taste! :)



    Tilt your head to the left and you will see the 'H' formed with the tops of the 'T's. - sort of.

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