Sidney Hewitt RAOC/REME Feb 1942 - 1947

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    Yes..... that's "my" Hewie and I once nearly shot him, but that's another story :)
    BBC - WW2 People's War - Diary Entries 11th April 1945

    Asking if he was a relative was merely a shot in the dark and writing as someone who has lost count of the "Did you know my father ?" letters I have received over the years, I wouldn't blame you for wincing :)

    Good luck with your family research

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    Yeh my Father was originally enlisted into the RAOC but was transferred to the REME on its Formation, I had quite a bit of response after I first posted but seems to have dried up now
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    I would suggest that you study his service docs carefully and establish a timeline. Establish what units he was in and for how long.

    Then search the TNA Discovery portal for the war diairies for the units during the times he was with them.

    Then either take a trip to Kew yourself armed with a camera or get someone from the forum who would copy them for you.

    My father was also RAOC initially and moved over to REME in Oct 1942. He was with 94th HAA Regiment at the time.

    And be patient. I have been researching my father for about 10 years now and still don't know everything about what he was up to.

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