Sick people mock Holocaust

Discussion in 'The Holocaust' started by Dave55, Dec 2, 2019.

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    Not the first time that Amazon has been called out on this, they were pulled up for t-shirts and singlets mid-year which they pulled, however, they remained on the German site.

    I alerted that a user was selling the same t-shirts and singlets with a Holocaust picture that was utterly abhorrent. They replied almost instantly and were horrified, but one has to question why an alert isn't sent out to all stores within the Amazon group, alerting them to such incidents so that steps can be taken to remove such offensive material.

    The problem with these sites is that there is literally *no* checks before an item is uploaded for sale - it is only when the general public report these things that they are pulled. Crazily enough, they have to review the item before it can be removed, and this can take up to 48 hrs. One would think under the circumstances reported above, the pin is pulled immediately . . .
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    The ideologically possessed never let facts get in the way.
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    The only heartening thing about this obnoxious group is their age. No young people amongst them. I hate the idea of the Union Flag in their disgusting gathering. The same flag that was probably carried on the vehicles of the liberators of the Nazi death camps.
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    Owen you are correct, my mistake I was going by the date at the top of the page, the actual date stuck in the middle of the blurb.
    This lot had a number of "lectures" around that time from various " experts" Mark Weber and David Irving being amongst them, some of their "talks" can be found or could be found on Youtube.
    Michelle Renouf who is shown is a frequent speaker in Germany and Canada, always willing to attend any photo opportunity which pops up , she got herself into hot water in Germany a while back speaking at Dresden. The same old faces saying the same old junk.

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