Sicily landing beaches.

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    I hope someone with more knowledge than me will help me out with this one.
    My father was in the 501 Provost Company C.M Police and took part in the landings in Sicily.
    Is there any chance of finding out which beach he would have landed on or at least narrowing it down ?
    We are going to Sicily later in the year and would like to visit the area.
    Many thanks.
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    DSC09122.JPG DSC09122.JPG
    I would suggest getting a copy of the unit war diary from the National Archives. I would be surprised if it didn't have the detail you were looking for.
    WO 169/13274 - 1943 Jan.- Dec.
    Corps of Military Police: 501 Independent Mobile Provost Company (CMP)

    Here is an example page from WO169/13278 505 Ind Provost Coy for the beginning of August 43 while in Sicily
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    In October 2019 I was the battlefield historian for a battlefield study by a Royal Military Police Regiment in Sicily.
    These are the syndicate questions for Fontane Bianche, the 5th Div landing beach. This may not be the beach that 501 Provost company landed on, but it may give an idea of Provost duties in Op Husky. Syndicates of MPs discussed this on the beach while eating ice-creams.

    The maps show the location of the stands.
    20180814-Sicily_Campaign-3UKXXGeo-O.jpg 20180814-XIII_(Br)_Corps_Assault-3UKXXGeo-O.jpg
    I was not sure when 501 landed. I could not see them in the order of battle for the initial landings.
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