Sicily after 65 years

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    I use google earth to get to "see" the battle as it progressed.
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    The "Coordinate Translator" I found this recently while doing my research for gerbini. Its an English coordinate system to lat lon.
    used it to push pin the Sferro Gerbini battle orders. BTW good stuff posted !

    Sorry Signore!
    That's a french product!For once ,it works ,and well,héhéhé!
    Personnaly,all the areas i found in my lovely Normandie were generally 200 meters above the real place,mostly in the direction of the north.
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    6 days from now 70 years ago Operation Huskey started. I do not see much on the celebrations etc. BTW Gettysburg is HUGE this year. 150th anniversary.
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    phill box and pigeon house near Ragusa

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    Ponte Dirillo, commemoration US paratroopers

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    Ponte Dirillo

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    This is a translation of the article via Microsoft Translator; it is not perfect but gives a 'flavour' of what the article says.

    "Catania, a 70-year commemoration of the battle of the Simeto

    Nino Russo
    Published: July 16, 2013 10:58

    Last Sunday on the occasion of the 70 anniversary of the allied landings in Sicily, Catania's ANPd (parachute Association d ' Ítalia) organised a demonstration in memory of the fallen in the bloody battle of Primosole.

    The section convened at the monument of the Italian blue riband at Primosole bridge, site for too long "forgot" and whose own parachute section of Catania wanted to restore the just decor.

    The commemoration was preceded by a March of remembrance that was attended by several members of the section and the representatives of ANMI section ANPd ' di Ragusa, from the bridge of the sick then follow the old route of Highway 114 crossing the hills of San Demetrio was reached the turn-off for Jazzotto at the monument of the fallen Italians at Primosole bridge, where he started with the flag-raising ceremony.

    Present at the commemoration section ANPd Labaki ' Regio Calabria, Catania and Ragusa and the blue riband, also was attended by representatives of the Guardia di Finanza, ANMI di Catania, Catania's traffic wardens who have adjusted the traffic and an e bersagliere who accompanied with his trumpet every moment of the ceremony.

    To give a sense of what was happening we thought the Vice President of the Catania ANPd Thomas Daidone who recalled the action of the British airborne forces, though not in Italy, which had an important role in the areas around the old Primosole bridge, was a broad drop zone with launch of war by both German Green Devils sent in support of the troops stationed at the airport of Catania, immediately after the first news of the landing, and both on the part of the British Red Devils, who chose the same launch area unaware.

    But while everyone is familiar with these events, not all are aware of the role they had in those days the Arditi del II° Btg 10th° Rgt with 3 companies stationed in Acireale which will pass into history for the resistance on the night of July 14, 1943.

    British paratroopers in operation Marston Tonight, had occupied the bridge while slightly more to the North, protected by the moat Buttacetoi Germans and Italians resisted.

    But the Daring action so the Tullius Marcon ne reports the facts: "a couple of vans of the II° btg Arditi, with command in Acireale, commanded by STen. Donìa was already patrolling at 21.30 on the banks of the river Simeto. The Department enjoyed some fame at the Germans, who asked to Donìa to help them retake the bridge.

    Donìa called for the major radio. Marciano, who immediately left the command of the battalion went on to head 3 Primosole patrols of 113° company, each with 2 vans and a total of 56 men armed with machine guns and guts for sale. To the .45 6 vans 01 (under cap Paradisi) peaked in the bridge crossing at full speed in a heartbeat and reaching the other side where he was the British vanguard, which panicked he fled towards the Jazzotto Junction (where was the bulk of the Brigade).

    The English reaction but it took to arrive and was particularly violent in mortar strikes, thus destroying 4 of 6 vans. The Arditi, surrounded, it never ceased firing crazily, then on board the vans 2 survivors returned to their backline. The action lasted for 1 hour and 40 min, caused enormous casualties to the enemy while the German recovery battalion of Primosle bridge, because the British were driven back to Jazzotto junction. The budget of that action was Bold, 4 5 wounded and 16 missing.(T. Maclean, "assault on three decks, From Cassibile to the Simeto in July 1943" (1608), 1993).

    ...[paragraph removed as it was corrupted by an advert and made no sense]...

    To remember these valiant deeds and all the dead "to reason and reason" the Chairman Antonio Conticello has discovered a plaque and placed a wreath on the monument, the ceremony continued with a religious functions celebrated by Military Chaplain and national ' Cap ANPd. Don Alfio Spampinato.

    The celebration ends with the flag give up while all sing the anthem of Italy and promise not to leave more to a monument that recalls valiant deeds as well.
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    Hi Sicily43 and all others posting here. The photographs posted are great and very informative. The photograph referred to in this post is the nearest I can see to George Beach and Fontane Bianche, cheeky after everything provided already but does anyone have any photographs on this specific location please.

    Many thanks Brian
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    Hi Brian
    Yes is possible to have the photos.........Next days I try to take
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    Butera station and Gela

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    Just taking another look at this thread and realised that on posting #157 there is a photo that is a dead ringer of the type of scene that I described on an earlier post on the BBC site. The only thing missing is a telegraph Pole ! :)


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    sicily43, many thanks, Brian
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    Hi Sicily 43 hope all is well

    Re posts 170 and 171 - just wonder if there is anything available for Fontane Bianche and George Beach please - forgive me if I missed these among all the great photographs you have posted.

    Cheers Brian
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    You can help
    I find this in an Italian coast battery near Siracusa
    there is write ROYAL MARINE U BATTERY
    and the signal?

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    Find, thanks to my friend Jon in Malta

    ok, trovato:
    2 RM Coast Brigade/2nd RM Coast Artillery Regiment

    Formed by MNBDO II in January 1941, with ‘Y’ Bty from 1 RM Coast Brigade providing cadres for new batteries.

    The Regiment’s HQ was in the following locations, with the units commanded shown in brackets:

    1 January 1941:

    Hayling Island (‘Sussex’, ‘T’ and 2nd Anti–MTB Btys).

    28 April 1941:

    With ARMY COAST DEFENCES FOR UK, Portsmouth (‘Dorset’ formed this day, ‘Sussex’, ‘T’, ‘U’ formed this day, ‘W’ formed this day, and 2nd Anti–MTB Btys).

    6 September 1941:

    Portsmouth(?) redesignated 2nd RM Coast Artillery Regiment.

    14 June 1942:

    ‘X’ Battery re–formed from men at Geneifa (north of Port Tewfik) the Base Depot in Egypt, for deployment as an independent battery, although originally intended for this Regiment apparently.

    8 September 1943:

    HQ personnel provided staff for Coast Defence Station for about 12 months until January 1944.

    March 1943:

    With MNBDO II UK, Batteries concentrated for embarkation (‘Dorset’, ‘Sussex’, ‘T’, ‘U’, ‘W’, and 2nd Anti–MTB Btys).

    summer 1943:

    Egypt with Batteries deployed in training areas (‘Dorset’, ‘Sussex’, ‘T’, ‘U’, ‘W’, and 2nd Anti–MTB Btys).

    July 1943:

    Augusta, Sicily, with Batteries in coast defences (‘Dorset’, ‘Sussex’, ‘T’, ‘U’, ‘W’, and 2nd Anti–MTB Btys).

    Late summer 1943:

    With ARMY COAST DEFENCE COMMANDS, Italy, (‘Dorset’, ‘Sussex’, ‘T’, ‘U’, ‘W’, and 2nd Anti–MTB Btys).

    January 1944:

    Batteries concentrated for embarkation (as in late–summer 1943).

    February 1944:

    Largs, Scotland, HQ personnel to 1st Coast Rgt HQ24 about this time and Batteries disbanded in the next few months but see Batteries unit history summary.

    U battery della RM fu appunto in Sicilia
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    Penisola Magnisi (Siracusa)

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    Good day to you all.
    This is my fist post on the site, I initially joined to give advise on another thread, but this caught my eye, it is fascinating.
    My father a Royal Marine (as I was later to become, also), was in MNBDO (2) at the time of the attack in Sicily. I know he landed close to Syracusa but I dont know the exact beach, or even sure about his particular unit within MNBDO at that time, though looking at sicily43 information (THANK YOU, can you divulge your source?) above he was almost certainly in the 2nd RM Coast Artillery Regiment, and probably "Dorset" battery (having been a Sergeant at Eype) prior to embarking for Egypt with the rest of MNBDO. He was not a Commando.
    I would be very much obliged if anyone had a list of sub-units of MNBDO 2 involved in Op Huskey, and which beach they landed on. I know he did meet opposition but I dont think it was heavy and it may not have been at the landing itself.
    Thank you in anticipation.
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    Hi Chrisd I can help you, I'm sorry
    Do you have photos about your father in Sicily?

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