Sicily after 65 years

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    Richard do you know this pictures?

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    WHITEAWAY Michael Aubrey Lt. 156831 1st Independent Parachute Platoon A.A.C.
    Born : 22nd May 1919 Weybridge, Surrey
    Died : 19th October 1990 Southwark, London Age 51
    Commissioned in the Intelligence Corps 2nd November 1940 (London Gazette 19.11.1940 p. 6628)
    Transfers from Intelligence Corps to Army Air Corps 21st February 1943 (London Gazette 4.5.1943 p. 1998)

    Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 19.53.30.png
    Lt. Whiteaway 1st Independent Parachute Platoon January 1945

    The 1st Independent Parachute Platoon was part of the 2nd (Independent) Parachute Brigade.
    Formed when 1st Airborne Division was in Italy, some of whom joined the unit from 21st Independent Parachute Company, they initially helped establish parachute training facilities in Italy. Platoon members are believed to have assisted in the training of US Pathfinders prior to Op Dragoon to Southern France in August 1944.
    On 15 August 1944, the 1st Independent Parachute Platoon took part in the operation and emplaned on aircraft to fly in formation with Mitchell Bombers on-route to a target. The Platoon jumped in at 0320, securing the Drop Zone "O" and established their Eureka beacon and navigational aids in advance of the 2nd Parachute Brigade.
    Later the Platoon returned to Italy, and took part in Operation Manna to Greece.
    (Courtesy of Para Data)

    Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 19.58.37.png

    Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 19.58.14.png
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    Not exactly sure.

    Monty did a lot of talking to the men during August 1943.. this is another when speaking to 168 Brigade near to Fiumefreddo (we believe)

    best wishes
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    You say "Monty did a lot of talking to the men during August 1943."

    You are, of course, spot on..... Monty used to "address the ranks" at the drop of a hat, it was what he was famous for and I had the pleasure of seeing him do it at Bone as we were about to embark for Sicily.

    Give me a minute and I'll see if I can find a link !

    Just found a link: and see to my chagrin it wasn't Bone but Hammamet, South of Tunis. G-d protect me from this bloody memory !!!

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    thanks Guy Hudson

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    yes Richard, it is up Fiumefreddo, good picture


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