Sicily after 65 years

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    Ispica RG

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    Catania then & now FB_IMG_1472507659952.jpg FB_IMG_1472507654385.jpg FB_IMG_1472507659952.jpg FB_IMG_1472507654385.jpg FB_IMG_1472507648556.jpg FB_IMG_1472507642724.jpg FB_IMG_1472507636665.jpg FB_IMG_1472507630678.jpg FB_IMG_1472507623984.jpg FB_IMG_1472507617656.jpg FB_IMG_1472507611418.jpg FB_IMG_1472507605567.jpg
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  3. sicily43

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    Then & now Sicily and Malta

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  4. bexley84

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    Great pictures (again).

    At the end of next week, I shall be in Sicily with the London Italy Rifles Regimental Association - as you know their two battalions were with 168 Brigade and 38 (Irish) Brigade during the Italian campaign so we shall be following some of their route marches

    - from Syracuse where 1 LIR arrived on 13th July 1943 onto Fosso Bottaceto to Giarre to Fiumefreddo and thence to the relaxing environment of Piedimonte Etneo at the start of September 1943 and

    - from the beaches near Cassibile on 28th July 1943 where 2 LIR landed onto Catenanuova to Centuripe to Maletto and finally to the beach at Patti at the end of August 1943.

    My father, CQMS Edmund O'Sullivan, served with 2 LIR.

    I shall share photos on my return.

    best wishes
  5. Trux

    Trux 21 AG

    I was in the south east corner of Sicily earlier this year. I did not realise just how mountainous that area was. The coast road which Monty took is all right but further inland roads must have made Bradley's going very hard work. To my shame I went for Baroque architecture and Montalbano (her indoors went for Montalbano and Baroque architecture). Fabulous old towns, good food and nice people. (Don't mention the Mafia).

  6. Sheldrake

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    Pachinio and Noto by any chance?
    The coastal road gets pretty narrow further North.
  7. Trux

    Trux 21 AG

    We stayed just outside Noto for several days but mainly stayed and explored the hill towns of Modica and Ragusa and surrounding areas. We proberly went across the grain of the land but seemed to be always winding up steep hills to seèmingly dizzy hights only to come down again.

  8. HAARA

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    One of the personal diaries that I have from 76th HAA Regt from its time in Sicily makes reference to occupying 'the old radio station' in Syracuse. I've not been able to identify this. Does anyone have any idea where this might have been in Syracuse?
  9. sicily43

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    Hi Hara
    I remember a german radar station in the hill araound Noto, mybe it is this
    but I can ask, I have friend in Syracuse
  10. sicily43

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    Bexley if you want where you are in Catania, Primosole or Lemon bridge we can met.
    I can show the area
  11. bexley84

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    Sicily 43,


    Would love to meet you if convenient..

    I had been planing to head down ss114 from the airfield on (probably) the 6th Sept afternoon or 7th Sept morning for a "recce"...the main LIRAssn group is arriving on the following Friday and visiting the CWGC on the Saturday (10th) and we shall then make a short stop after our Remembrance Service to review the area north of the Simeto river.

    Fosso Bottaceto I know is not what it used to be and then I shall stop to check on the Royal Berkshire Regiment's Memorial (which I had heard had recently been damaged. I have a Regimental contact for feedback on damage, if necessary).. I visited the DLI Memorial a couple of years ago - Dead Man's Gulch is, of course, nearby where 1 LIR assembled on the afternoon of 17th July was not a good day/night for the Regiment nor the London Scottish or the Royal Berkshires..

    Lemon Bridge I've never visited - but know that 2 Innisks were there on 18th July 1943..I was just looking up one of those who was killed, Fusilier John O'Shea, who came from near Garryowen in Limerick city.

    I'm staying at Piedimonte Etneo - where 1 LIR ended up to relax in Sept/Oct 1943..

    let me know by PM what might work for you...

    best wishes

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  12. Rav4

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    My uncle was with the Berkshire Reg at the Sicily landings, so I assume he was with the 10th. Is there a record of the 10th Berkshire in Sicily/Italy?
  13. Owen

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    I posted the Berkshire rgt monument in Primosole bridge
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    Plemirio, Murro di porco was fun. ALmost lost my drone when I failed to notice a high powered transmission antennae a half mile way and it jammed my drone into oblivion. Thankfully it came back.
    I found a building all shot up at Fiumma freddo.
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    Near castello San Marco.

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  17. tron333

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    Chris at Ponte Drillo.

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  18. sicily43

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    Mister Ventura!
  19. sicily43

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  20. bexley84

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    Great day with Marco (Sicily43) today..Primosole Bridge, Fosso Bottaceto, Malati Bridge, Royal Berkshire Memorial, CWGC cemeteries at Catania and Syracuse, and a tour of Catania city centre.

    I commend Marco for his patience and good humour as (some of you might have noticed) I can certainly "bore" for England (and Ireland) on 1943 matters... We shall be returning to the area at the weekend with a captive audience of 30. Off to Centuripe on Thursday..some photos when I can establish decent connectivity later in the week,


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