Shot At Monte Cassino.

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    I only acquired this newspaper clipping today.Jim Layton, know to us as uncle Jim. He was my mothers brother.The report came to light when my elder sister was having a clear out.
    My mother always said she wanted to visit his grave but sadly it never happened and she passed away a few years ago.Luckly my father and 3 other uncles all survived WW2.
    (the report states his mothers name as Warford in fact it's Walford)

    Graham. jim.jpg
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  2. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

    Service Number 5249416

    Died 17/05/1944

    2nd Bn.
    Lancashire Fusiliers

    Location: Italy
    Number of casualties: 3991

    Cemetery/memorial reference: XI. C. 23.
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  3. ozzy16

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    I need his service record to clarify his rank, his immediate family may already have it.

  4. 51highland

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    Casualty list 1944 has him as W/Corporal. 1943 casualty list has him as corporal when wounded 11/8/43.
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  5. ozzy16

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    Cheers guys,
    I'm thinking, he joined the army in 1932 when he left at the onset of WW2 he reached the rank of Sgt. He then rejoined and lost the rank of Sgt, and maybe ????? given the rank of Corporal which he kept until he was killed.
    Just a thought, his service record would confirm this I think.
  6. ozzy16

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    Had a dig around for infofmation on the 2nd Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers May 1944 at Monte Cassino and found this report.

    In the middle of May we were due to go to Concerta for a rest. A troupe of Polish soldiers were due to take over from us,but before they could do so the Allies started to attack the Monastery. The Poles attacked from the top and we,the Lancashire Fusiliers,from the back. We managed to make contact with the Poles and then,early on the 16th May, jerry counter-attacked.My company, C Company,was getting a real hiding from two tanks and about twenty infantry men. They wiped out one platoon completely and were starting on another. But then Frank Jefferson went out in front of a tank and fired a PIAT mortar right into it. The other tank,and about twenty infantry retreated. Our Major (Kevin Hill) ordered us to charge and we took out all infantrymen completely.
    On the 17th May at 10am a flag appeared on top of the monastery and the germans were retreating. We charged inside and took prisoners. Then we carried on up a main highway to Rome and that was the end of the Cassino Battle.
    My friend, Frank Jefferson, was awarded the V.C.

    This extract was taken from "The Peoples War."

    I'm just wondering if this was where Jim Layton met his fate on the 17th may 1944.?

    Andy is kindly going to copy the diary for me which runs from Jan to August 1944. (2nd Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers, Monte Cassino)

  7. Tricky Dicky

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    UK, Victoria Cross Medals, 1857-2007
    Name: Francis Arthur Jefferson
    Birth Date: 18 Aug 1921
    Birth Place: Sunderland Terrace, Ulverston, Lancashire
    Death Date: 4 Sep 1982
    Death Place: Bolton Infirmary

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  8. ozzy16

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    Very sad end for such a great hero.(this is his V.C. Citation)
    Graham. VC1.jpg VC2.jpg
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  9. Tricky Dicky

    Tricky Dicky Don'tre member

    It is possible of course that your relative was injured before the 17th May and this was the day that he died, he could for example have been wounded onthe 16th during the action noted in the VC citation, not sure how you would check that out - WD's?, service records?

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  10. ozzy16

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    Cheers TD,
    I'm hoping the war diary will throw up something, if not I will get his service record. Expecting the W-D to be rather thick at least a few hundred pages.

  11. ozzy16

    ozzy16 Patron Patron

    As a tribute to a very brave soldier.
    Here we have Frank Jefferson V.C. standing in front of the tank he knocked out holding a PIAT. Graham. VC4.jpg VC5.jpg
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  12. minden1759

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    You should read Fred Majdalany's book on Cassino. He was a Company Commander in 2 LANCS FUS.

    On 17 May 44, II (PO) Corps were attacking Point 593 and Point 505 high up behind the monastery and 78 British Infantry Division, of which 2 LANCS FUS were part, were pushing up the Liri Valley towards Piedmonte San Germano below the monastery. Patrols from both formations met on the morning of 18 May 44.

    If you want to understand this better, you are welcome to join the battlefield study that I am running on 11-14 May 19 as part of the 75th Anniversary celebrations.


  13. ozzy16

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    Hello Frank,
    Thanks for the info ref; Majdalany's book on Cassino. I will seek it out in the coming days.
    Thanks for your offer of joining you (battlefield study) tied up for the rest of this year, but might come back to you for next year.Look forward to it.

  14. minden1759

    minden1759 Senior Member


    You should consider it. The four battles of Monte Cassino are absolutely fascinating. Utter incompetence and sheer brilliance everywhere you turn.


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  15. ozzy16

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    Hi Frank,
    Could you PM more details ref post 12, tour of Cassino 11-14 May 2019 please.
    Also do you do the tour throughout the summer months, or once yearly on the Anniversary of the 4th battle.
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    Acting on Franks advice this book arrived today and within it there was a loose map.Got it off ebay £12 printed in 1957 it has seen better days.The dust cover shows signs of fading from exposure to bright light over the years but the book itself is in very good condition. Original price 21/-
    Graham. jim2.jpg

    Attached Files:

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  17. ozzy16

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    For anyone researching or wishing to know what units were at Monte Cassino thought this might be helpful.I have noted this is a much talked about event/theatre on the forum so if this has already been posted, my apologies
    Graham. cassinounits.jpg
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  18. Ron Goldstein

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    I always cringe a little when I see a list of troops who served at Cassino and my old mob. the 49th LAA is omitted

    Just for the record, I re-print a breakdown of 78 Div, which was very much involved at that nastiest of places.
    No prizes for spotting the 49th !
    Order of Battle – 78th Division

    Headquarters 78th Division

    11th Infantry Brigade

    2nd Battalion The Lancashire Fusiliers
    1st Battalion The East Surrey Regiment
    5th (Huntingdonshire) Battalion The Northamptonshire Regiment

    36th Infantry Brigade

    5th Battalion The Royal East Kent Regiment (The Buffs)
    6th Battalion The Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment
    8th Battalion The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders

    1st Guards Brigade (until March 1943)

    3rd Battalion Grenadier Guards
    2nd Battalion Coldstream Guards
    2nd Battalion The Hampshire Regiment

    38th Irish Brigade (from March 1943)

    6th Battalion The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers (until August 1944)
    2nd Battalion The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers (from August 1944)
    1st Battalion The Royal Irish Fusiliers
    2nd Battalion The London Irish Rifles

    56th Reconnaissance Regiment

    1st Battalion Princess Louise's Kensington Regiment

    Royal Artillery

    17th Field Regiment
    132nd (Welsh) Field Regiment
    138th (City of London) Field Regiment
    64th Anti - Tank Regiment (Queen's Own Glasgow Yeomanry)
    49th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment (until November 1944)

    Royal Corps of Signals

    78th Infantry Division Signals

    Royal Engineers

    214th Field Company
    237th (Highland) Field Company
    256th Field Company
    281st Field Park Company

    Royal Army Medical Corps

    11th Field Ambulance
    152nd Field Ambulance
    217th Field Ambulance
    47th Field Hygiene Section

    Royal Army Ordnance Corps

    78th Infantry Div Ordnance Field Park
    56th Mobile Laundry and Bath Unit

    Royal Army Service Corps

    57th Company Royal Army Service Corps
    127th Company Royal Army Service Corps
    294th Company Royal Army Service Corps
    328th Company Royal Army Service Corps

    Royal Electrical& Mechanical Engineers

    11th Infantry Brigade Workshop
    36th infantry Brigade Workshop
    38th (Irish) Infantry Brigade Workshop

    Royal Army Pay Corps

    14th Field Cash Office

    Corps of Military Police

    78th Infantry Div Provost Company

    Intelligence Corps

    88th Field Security Section

    Postal Unit

    78th Infantry Div Postal Unit

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  19. minden1759

    minden1759 Senior Member

    That list, taken from the 60th or 65th Anniversary brochure, also has mistakes. It was 2/7 GR and not 1/7 GR.

    A few infantry and armoured regiments are also missing.

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  20. ozzy16

    ozzy16 Patron Patron

    Cheers Ron/Frank.
    happy to be corrected on the points mentioned.


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