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    My Uncle 1376106 PO J Hawkes joined 77 Sqn. 5th March 1942 as a Navigator he was posted missing 9th Sept 1942 (See below.)
    Sometime in between he was in an aircraft that was ditched
    As a child I remember being shown pictures of him and the rest of the crew in a rubber dingy being rescued by a Sunderland flying boat.
    The pictures were in a magazine Picture Post /Illustrated News or similar .
    Are there any war diaries that might record this incident?

    I have been chasing this for a while without success have tried 77 Sqn. Assoc but they cannot help..At this time 77 Sqn. were flying out of Chivenor attached to Coastal Command flying anti U Boat patrols over Bay of Biscay.

    77 Sqn. Bomber Command (Working with Coastal Command)
    RAF Chivenor
    Whitley Bomber Z 9209 Coded G for George Missing in Action 09.09.42
    Op: (Anti Submarine Patrol), Took off RAF Chivenor
    Failed to return. Last heard on w/t at 13:53 hrs but believed to have been shot down by Hptm P Heide of 13. /KG40.

    Hptm Paul Heide (St Kap)-F +, Ogefr Rudi Wiencke –BF +,
    Fw Karl Gruendler-BS, M +
    Probably shot down in combat with Whitney Z9209 of 77 Sqn.
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    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

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    yes I think I went as far as possible with that thread.
    It is the ditching and rescue I am trying to follow up on.
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    Whitley Z6876 coded D of 77 Sqn 7/7/42.

    starboard engine cut after glycol leak. Sent SOS at 16:28 then ditched into Bay of Biscay. Badly shaken when seat harness broke under impact. Reached dinghy before aircraft sank 7 mins after impact.

    Ditching reported by other 77 aircraft and picked up on 8th by Sunderland of 461 Sqn. Landed at RAF Mountbatten.

    As an aside his personal number as a commissioned officer was 128405 - the service number you show was only for his OR.NCO service.

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    My Boss Flt Sgt John Newberry, told me about ditching and there was no dingy in the wing
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    Thank you Ross very likely the one
    gives me more to go on the date may help in a trawl of publications.
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