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  1. Maureene

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    Four histories, each about 30 pages, published under the authority of the Director of Public Relations, War Department , Government of India and available on

    Golden Arrow - The Story of the 7th Indian Division

    One More River - The Story of the 8th Indian Division. The Eighth Indian Division in Italy

    Teheran to Trieste - The Story of the 10th Indian Division

    Dagger Division - Story of the 19th Indian Division . Burma

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    Thanks Maureen. These are from a series published in 1950. Here is the list of the ones I have found (NYPL=New York Public Library, Cornell=Cornell University, and D.Ryan are copies made in the past in my library):

    Anon. Historical Sketches of Various Divisions of the Indian Army in World War II. Bombay: G.S. Borker; Defence Department, Public Relations Division, 1950. (NYPL&Cornell)(D.Ryan)
    - The Red Eagles: The story of the 4th Indian Division (NYPL)
    - The Fighting Fifth: The story of the 5th Indian Division (NYPL)
    - The Golden Arrow: The story of the 7th Indian Division. (Cornell & NYPL)(D.Ryan)(D.Ryan Digital)
    - One More River: The story of 8th Indian Division.1945. (NYPL)(D.Ryan Digital)
    - Teheran to Trieste: The story of Tenth Indian Division. 1945 (NYPL)(D.Ryan Digital)
    - The Black Cat Division: The story of the17th Indian Division (NYPL)
    - Dagger Division: The story of the 19th Indian Division (Cornell & NYPL)(D.Ryan)(D.Ryan Digital)
    - A Happy Family: The story of the 20th Indian Division (NYPL)
    - The Story of the 25th Indian Division. (Cornell & NYPL)(D.Ryan)
    - Tiger Head: The story of the 26th Indian Division. (Cornell & NYPL)(D.Ryan)
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    Maureen, Dryan, these links are fantastic.thank you for sharing I have only had a quick look , just wanted to Thank you both for my afternoon read . Elsie
  4. DaveB

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    Thanks Maureen - you are now officially my number one lady (I phoned my wife to tell her the news, no reaction yet).

    Seriously though, I have been trying to obtain a copy of Dagger Division for some time now. Every time a copy pops up on ebay nothing happens until I bid on it then two blokes with a lot more money than me decide to have a bidding war over it.

    I have downloaded it in PDF format to read at my leisure and I will probably download the other titles too. Once I have read all of that I will try to get a few other units' books using the info provided by DRyan.

    I originally wanted the book to help with the recollections of a 19th Div veteran - but he has sadly passed on now.

    Thanks again

  5. DaveB

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    Forgot to mention that the unit the 19th Div veteran was with (4 Field Regiment, Indian Artillery) moved from the 19th to the 5th Indian Division around the end of the war - for occupation duties in various places including Java.

    I couldn't find reference to the unit's movements in the 5Div history (Ball of Fire) but The Fighting Fifth might provide some clues.

    To add to the thread, there is a transcription of Ball of Fire hosted on the Burma Star site, but I can't paste a link in for it at the moment: Watch this space (or hopefully someone else will paste in for me).
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    Thanks for the links Maureen, I've had a similar experience to that of DaveB, although I did manage to get a copy of 'The Golden Arrow' early last year on eBay.
  7. DaveB

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  8. Maureene

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  9. Charley Fortnum

    Charley Fortnum Dreaming of Red Eagles

    Far from short, but Compton Mackenzie's Eastern Epic is online here and covers the Indian Army in quite some depth:

    As does Elliot's: A Roll of Honour:

    The March on Delhi:

    And a history of the Gurkhas:

    And a history if the Maratha Light Infantry (big file):

    And the Official Histories of the North African & Italian Campaigns:

    Medical Services [Eastern Theatre]:

    Medical Services [Western Theatre]: - I'm nose deep in this now and it's excellent.

    Click View/Open - not the more obvious Flexipaper links.
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  10. Charley Fortnum

    Charley Fortnum Dreaming of Red Eagles

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  11. dryan67

    dryan67 Senior Member

    Thanks for those excellent links.
  12. Maureene

    Maureene Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the links Charley Fortnum. Some of them I was aware of , but some were new to me. I have added the regimental links to various FIBIS Fibiwiki pages, and some to the Fibiwiki page Second World War This Fibiwiki page also includes links to a number of "Official Histories" (17 in total), four of which were advised by Charley Fortnum in post 9.

    I had not heard of the March to Delhi previously, but I have found the title refers to Japanese plans for a “march on Delhi” following March 1944 when the 15th Japanese Imperial Army, supported by forces of the Indian National Army, crossed the Chindwin to invade India. Includes material supplied by Japanese commanders. The author served as an army air liaison officer during the siege of Imphal.

    The full title for the Maratha Light Infantry history is Valour enshrined. A history of the Maratha Light Infantry, 1768-1947 by M.G. Abhyankar. 1971. [Volume1].

    Regarding the two links on Cassino, I must admit I don't know much about the Indian Army and this front. I assume there is mention of the Indian Army's role there in the digital book files. Is that correct?

  13. Charley Fortnum

    Charley Fortnum Dreaming of Red Eagles

    4th Indian Infantry Division had a crack at Cassino during the second and third battles.
    Yes, there is some content pertaining to it.
  14. Maureene

    Maureene Well-Known Member

    Thank you Charley Fortnum.

    If anyone is interested in the period before WW2, two more from the Digital Library of India which I found in the catalogue recently (pdf downloads)

    Official History of Operations on the N.-W. Frontier of India, 1920-35 by General Staff Army Headquarters, India 1945.

    Official History of Operations on the N.W. Frontier of India, 1936-37 by General Staff Army Headquarters, India 1943.

    The Digital Library of India has been unavailable for extended periods recently, (maintenance?) but was accessible at the time of writing this post.

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  15. Charley Fortnum

    Charley Fortnum Dreaming of Red Eagles

  16. Maureene

    Maureene Well-Known Member

    Thanks Charley Fortnum
    I think the file in post 15 is related in some way to the file.

    Unfortunately it can't be read online (or at least I can't), but it is available for download in a number of different formats. I suspect the pdf download is the same at the link posted by Charley Fortnum.

  17. AndrewP

    AndrewP Member

    Hi Maureen,

    As most of us know, those links are dead, but has anyone downloaded the above tomes? If so, I would love a copy either via Email or Dropbox.

    Any and all help would be most appreciated! (And I would be happy to reciprocate in some form with some odds and end titles I have in exchange).

    Thanks in advance.
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  18. Charley Fortnum

    Charley Fortnum Dreaming of Red Eagles

    The Red Eagles: The Story of the 4th Indian Division (Bombay: G.S. Borker).

    I'm still looking out for a copy of this. If anybody spots one in the wild or can provide a scan, I'd be most grateful.

    As a quid pro quo, I've just ordered a copy of another of the series: A Happy Family: The Story of the 20th Indian Division, and I'm happy to provide copies if requested.

    Evidence it exists:

    Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 21.01.54.png
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  19. AndrewP

    AndrewP Member

    Charlie Fortnum,

    I am looking for it also, I will let you know if/when I find it. (You do know that the 5th Indian Div history is online though...correct.)?

  20. AndrewP

    AndrewP Member


    I would love a copy of the Happy Family/20th Division...I can reciprocate in...some form or fashion.

    Did anyone here ever snag the Official History's of the NWF Campaigns of the 1930's from the now defunct DLI?


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