Shoreham Aircraft Museum 3/11/19

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    Had the great privilege of chatting to three bomber command veterans today at Shoreham (nr Sevenoaks). Colin Bell DFC, mosquito pathfinder pilot. Andy Andrews, wop/ag Halifax and a POW. George Royall bomb Aimer lancasters. Nothing beats first hand interaction with these chaps.
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    Memorial Project - The Shoreham Aircraft Museum - Memorials Project

    The museum raises money (since 2006) to dedicate new memorials (close to crash sites) of flyers shot down within ten miles of the museum (10 now). Men from Australia, Britain, New Zealand, South Africa and Poland have been honoured. I've been lucky to attend three dedications, as I used to live in the area.

    My previous next door neighbor, saw one these crashes as a child close to her old home in 1940. Sadly now passed away.

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