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    Many ships were sunk during World War II: passenger liners, tankers, merchant ships, battleships and many more. What are some interesting shipwrecks you guys have come across? Any interesting stories? I'm currently reading a book on the City of Benares tragedy called, "Miracles On The Water." The author of the book had a grandfather that survived the shipwreck after fleeing Poland and France. Ironically two child passengers who had just been torpedoed on another ship were on board when the ship was hit and I'm not sure if they made it. Its really sad that a German U-boat commander fired a torpedo at a ship loaded with child evacuees and only a dozen were saved. Most of them died from being trapped below decks, or being killed by the torpedo impact, drowning, being left on the ship, hypothermia, freezing to death and being washed off lifeboats. Its really a miracle that anyone survived the shipwreck.

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