Ships landing the 24th Lancers after the initial D-Day landings

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    Ships landing the 24th Lancers after the initial D-Day landings

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    Information on the ships that landed the remaining parts of the 24th Lancers - after the initial landings on the 6th and 7th June 1944.

    Parts of the Regiment landed variously over the month of June 1944, the last of the Regiment, led by Captain Tom Parsons landing at the end of June and arriving with the Regiment on the 2nd July 1944.


    Those landing in the initial landings...



    24 Lancers.
    11 Stuart Light Tank.
    53 Sherman Tank.
    1 Sherman ARV.
    5 M14 Halftrack.
    2 Scout Car.
    12 3ton 4 X 4 GS.
    2 Jeep.
    3 Motorcycle.
    326 men from 24 Lancers
    24 Lancers Signals Section RS
    1 Jeep with 2 crew.
    1 15cwt with 3 crew.
    24 Lancers LAD REME.
    2 3ton 4 X 4 GS with 12 crew.
    1 Tractor Breakdown with 5 crew.
    1 15cwt GS.

    The Anti-Aircraft Troop and rear echelons etc. landing later.

    See also - Info on Camp T2 Canning Town

    Some 24th L individuals and vehicles carried by craft sailing from London Docks.

    LINKS - American Merchant Marine Ships at Normandy in June 1944

    U.S. Merchant Marine Cargo Ships (Freighters)
    List of the U.S. freighters each carrying 480 men and about 120 army vehicles to Normandy from the United Kingdom during June 1944 or which were loading or awaiting orders during June 1944.

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