Shell Casings

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    Shell Casings

    40mm Shell Casings found over the years whist Diving, all in the same area of The North Mole Fremantle. The Navys cleared the area a couple of times as some live ammo has been found. Can anyone tell me about the markings on the base of the shell? Also pics of my big shell casing and some small bore casings that I own.

    resized_001.jpg resized_002.jpg resized_004.jpg resized_005.jpg resized_006.jpg resized_007.jpg resized_008.jpg resized_009.jpg resized_010.jpg resized_014.jpg resized_015.jpg resized_023.jpg resized_024.jpg resized_025.jpg resized_033.jpg resized_034.jpg resized_035.jpg resized_036.jpg resized_037.jpg resized_038.jpg resized_039.jpg resized_040.jpg resized_041.jpg

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    You appear to have a nice collection of shell cases and thanks for sharing your photographs.

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    I beleive that there is a date of manufacture on the bottom and also should be the actual place of manufacture eg arsenal or munitions factory plus in some cases the contents.
    To be able to properly identify them you may need to find an ordanance guide to either Australian, American or UK naval ammunition.

    Great photos by the way

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    Paul...I'd send Spotter a PM. He is the expert regarding all things that go bang :D
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    i cant help much with these myself other than what you already know 40mm bofors all 1944 dated..picture no4 is stamped EOC which is the Elswick Ordnance Co (UK)
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    The last two are 4.5inch, 12lb 10oz is the weight of the brass without the charge, the shell was 56lb. I humped enough of them to know. HE, AAP, Starshell. It looks like the cartridge is engraved 4,5 Mk 5. When unused the top of the cartridge had a sort of lead looking cap to keep the cordite in. The primer has been removed. I cant remember what all the other stuff meant, but I was told once. I did hear that cordite was used, if eaten in small quantities, to feign sickness.
    I remember seeing stuff manufactured in the late 1930s, in the 1980s. Half of the empties went over the side after a firing and the other half returned to the magazine. Could always get a few pints out of the senior rates for bunging them an empty so they could turn it down into an ash tray, spoilt it really,

    Acroynm STOCKFULL ?
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    Nice, very nice, collection of brass. Glad you shared the photos.

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    Thanks for the info on the shell casings

  9. peterhastie

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    4.5" Mk 6
    M.E.R AA 7000yds
    M.E.R Surface 18000yds
    M.E.R Starshell 16500yds
    M.R 22000yds
    Ricohet Range 24000yds

    There was also an open fire range predicted by the AA or Surface predictor which calculated the range future, where the aircraft or surface contact would be when the shell reached it.

    Mk 5s (single gun,open mounting) where still in use, with the RN, up till the early eighties on Ashanti class frigates. A lot of old British ships went off to the India and Pakistan navies so probably saw even more use with them

    Ask me my mobile pnone no and I dont have a clue, all this stuff is over 20 years old and I can still remember it.

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