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    Shadows in the Fog - The True Story of Major Suttill & the Prosper French Resistance Network
    Francis J Suttill
    History Press
    ISBN 978-0-7509-5591-1

    Francis Suttill has worked for many years establishing the fate of his father who was arrested by the SD in 1943, the collapse of the Prosper Network was a major setback for SOE in France and down the years many myths and theories of betrayal have grown up around it.

    The book analyses in almost forensic detail the fall of Prosper, the various legends around it and must be considered the best source on the topic.

    Well worth a read
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  2. Harry Ree

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    I'll follow your recommendation...the collapse of the Prosper network and the loss of so many agents has always required closure....any mention of Sir Claude?
  3. Jedburgh22

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    Yes there is he was a nasty piece of work!
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    good day jedburgh22.very senior in the fog-new book.did sir charles betray the prosper network?,interesting brother who was in the intelligence.and was in france to train the maqui(spelling??)in the use of our firearms and tactics,hes widow is in france now to scatter his ashes in the forrest were he trained the french resistance.she told me before she left they were having a ceremony at the site and she would try and get some photo's.will pass them on if they come..they were all hero's.may they rest in peace,regards bernard85 :poppy: :poppy:

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