Book Review Shadow Warriors - Women of OSS and SOE

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    Shadow Warriors

    Daring Missions of WWII by Women of OSS & SOE


    Gordon Thomas & Greg Lewis

    I have always found the stories of the women who fought for freedom during the 1940's fascinating. As Hollywood wastefully remakes film after film then surely they could take any of these women and make a film that propels history and bravery to the forefront of modern cinema. This book holds within its pages those stories more than worth a telling.

    The names of agents of SOE and OSS should be etched into monuments, statues and plagues across the land, these Glorious are legends for history to revel in. All these years have passed and they are still worthy to be remembered. As I write this the Festival of Remembrance is about to start on TV and those SOE operatives are remembered by me every year.

    Although well trained they were going into the unknown to fight, organise groups and harass the enemy. An enemy who were ruthless and ready to employ any methods to win.

    This book starts a little slowly for me as the first hundred pages or so is mainly about the birth and growth of the organisations that sent these women into war. I wanted more at first but it puts in nice solid groundwork of both OSS and SOE. SOE is quite well known to me and all the known names are here, it was OSS where it filled lots of gaps in my knowledge.

    A lot of the stuff has been written before in other places but this is well written and researched. This book is worth a read, not just for a causal interest but to someone more invested in SOE/OSS history. However, as said, it isn't groundbreaking and new as the Prosper debacle for instance is well known. But worth picking up a copy.

    Thanks to Amberley Publishing for the review copy.

    336 Pages

    ISBN: 978-1-4456-6144-5
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