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    Sgt Theo Gilson Ross RAAF was killed in a flying accident near Whittonstall, Northumberland as follows: On the 9th April 1943, Spitfire N3196 took off from RAF Ouston to carry out a day flight training. During the flight the aircraft was engaged in a height climb, and was last seen doing aerobatics, Eye witnesses were of the opinion that the Pilot executed aerobatics at no great altitude and finally stalled for reasons unknown. The aircraft crashed into the sea near Fairlie Farm, Shotley Bridge, one and a half miles west of Whittonstall, Northumberland, and the Pilot was killed. There is no sea anywhere near this location and he actually crashed into a field on the farm mentioned. Can anyone please tell me anything about the pilot and really make my day with a photograph of him. Many thanks.
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    Australian Spitfire Pilot Killed in NE England
    from the above
    Hello,My name is William Shearer and i am a member of an aviation group in the orkney islands.Your information on theo ross intrests me.There is a man on orkney called Eric metcalf and he was brought up on Fairley Farm and he remembers the crash well and says that it crashed into a ditch,He also remembers seeing the pilot,the recovery team and also the moments leading up to the crash.If any of you is interested in talking to Eric please feel free to get intouch.Regards William Shearer.Please have a look at our groups web site.Aviation Research Group Orkney Shetland - A.R.G.O.S.
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    Wow! Thank you for that, I will pass this information on to the local village organisation who are creating a presentation around this accident. Thank you very much

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