Sgt Robert Hall 1331368 72 OTU RAF ME

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    I have the attached photo in my fathers collection and wonder if there is anyone who recognises the name.
    It was taken in Cairo 9/2/1942 and on the back it also says "Wadi Gazuza and Kenya"

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    He received a commission in 1943 and I presume that he wasn't aircrew


    To be Plt. Offs. on prob. (emergency):

    1331368 Robert Edwin HALL (134979) 15th Dec 1942

    Viewing Page 1250 of Issue 35940

    His new (officer's) service number of 134979 only gives one additional hit in the gazette when he is promoted to Flying Officer a few months later.

    There should be an entry showing when he was demobbed / discharged but it's not popping up........
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    Thank you for info.
    It figures that he was on special duties as was my father. See "Help with Locating Transit Camps and Base Depots" in "Service Records" I am hoping to find more about him for my fathers history as they went to Luxor and Aswan together. See photo albums
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    I have since found a record for a flying cert dated 20.04.1938 at Midland Bank Flying Club Ltd. It appears that he was a "bank official"
    His address then was Highbury Grove N5. and his dob as 1 May 1905 at Grays Essex.
    I cannot find a marriage.
    found brothers William George Hall, Frank Leonard Hall and sister Edna Mary Hall.
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    5E897CFC-4005-4842-95FA-B4C5C6D78207.jpeg Hi, we’ve been going through my parents house and found this menu from Christmas 1941 in Wadi Gazuza. My father was stationed in Kenya during the war with the RAF and came home with fond memories of his time there. He also came back with a leopard skin (I don’t know how!!) shot by local tribesman on the farm he stayed at for some time. The leopard had been killing many sheep evidently.
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