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  1. nemesis

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    Can anyone advise me what Aircraft 1144841 Sergeant Maurice Emmerson Wireless Op /Air Gunner of 78 Squadron was on board whe he died on a raid to Munich in September 1943.
    Thanks to all for reading this

  2. alieneyes

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    From Chorley's Bomber Command Losses 1943, page 317:

    Halifax JD454 EY-E


  3. alieneyes

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  4. nemesis

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    thanks Dave Was FS Edghill a survivor of Sgt Emmersons aircraft or a witness to the Aircraft going down. Is there a crew list available for the Aircraft?
  5. alieneyes

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    He was the navigator.


    P/O AJ Beazleigh+
    F/Lt WD Perriment pow
    F/S CM Edghill pow
    F/O WJ Cameron+
    Sgt M Emmerson+
    P/O GA Scarcliffe+
    Sgt WD Anderson RCAF+

    (edited to show correct spelling of P/O Scarcliffe's name)
  6. nemesis

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    Brilliant Thank you
  7. nemesis

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    I listened to Flt Sgt Edgills story and in his opinion a nightfighter shot the Aircraft down.
  8. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    Hello Dave
    is that a typo in Chorleys


  9. Tony H

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    Further info as follows;

    Sgt Emmerson was the Wireless Operator on Halifax JD454 EY-E "Rothman E-Easy" that had departed Breighton at 1902 for Ops Munich

    It was intercepted at 5200M, above Munchen-Solln, W of Munich by a Night-Fighter captained by Oblt Gunther Stege (VIII/NJG3) and shot down at 0045 for his 4th Abschusse

    The aircraft crashed at Munchen-Solln with the loss of five of the seven man crew. The two survivors became POW's


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