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    I have been in phone contact with Stewart Lochrie and he has given me permission to start this thread on his father Sgt James 'Dick' Lochrie 3129894

    Father: Sgt James 'Dick' Lochrie.
    Mother: Margaret Lochrie nee Robertson. ex WAF

    My father was in the 49 & 61 Recce (I have his shoulder/sleeve patch: RECONNAISSANCE: His name is James "DICK" Lochrie 3129894. He was in the Dieppe Raid Aug 1942 number 4 Commando. He was also in a film as an extra in Europe. He had a habit of being promoted then busted to LC.

    061 Where my father's ashes are scattered in the Kilsyth hills where he grew up & where I'll be going next year for a 50 year reunion since we left Scotland for Australia(1962) carried away Paul and sent the lot' There is more paper documents back in Adelaide so I'll scan them and send on’. Hope some-one recognises some-one in the photos. Thanks for
    posting them for me. Regards Stewart Lochrie

    Hi Paul, my Mum was in the WAFS. My Dad’s army number I included in my first or second note in the site. Just had a look but can’t find anything. They’re talking about a book “Beaten paths are safest’. My brother has that book about 4months ago. When the war finished a lot of the soldiers were extras in a war movie filmed in Europe about the prison camps (I think).Dad took Mum to see the film a few times to see him for a micro second. My brother has a DVD of the film. Will find out more from my brothers in NZ. Stewart

    James 'Dick' Lochrie died in 1989


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    Thanks for posting Paul. Many thanks to Stewart for sharing them-some wonderful photos.

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    Great photos, wonderful that they are shared.

    Paul, do you know anything about the stained glass window?
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    Mum's brother's unit looks like the Queens Own Cameron Highlanders, and Dick appears to have started out in a Scottish Regiment himself!


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    Steve, going by his Army No it looks like Royal Scots Fusiliers 3122001 - 3178000
    Diane, the only stained glass window I'm aware of is All Hallows by the Tower in London

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    Excellent set of photographs.

    Many thanks for sharing them.

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    Do pass our thanks along the line to Stewart for these very evocative snaps.

    Best regards

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    Recently somebody mentioned the Vickers Berthier .303 Light machine Gun - photograph 7 above looks very much like one. In Indian service.

    79th Foot - Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders - Looks to be - Cameron Barracks Inverness. (Photo 16)

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    This post has been rebuilt.

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    29 September 2011 - 10:58 AM
    Been told by my brother that our Dad was in Germany protecting the German prisoners from the Americans after the war finished. He was cast as an extra in the movie 'The captive Heart' made in 1945 ,released in 1946.Whle courting my Mum they went to see the movie 'dozens of times' to see him for a micro second as a prison guard. My brother has the movie in NZ on DVD. Anyone else remember the movie? Stewart:lol:


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